I’m Home!

A few random thoughts about isolation and coming home:

One. Cross Live In New York/Chicago/LA off the list of things to do. I could never make it living in a studio apartment which is definitely all I could afford in any of those cities. The longer I spent in isolation, the more I hated the fact that my chair was next to my bed which was next to my desk which was across from the dining table and kitchen.

Two. When spending all your time in a small space, little things start to amuse or annoy you. Like I was completely annoyed that every time I turned on the bathroom light, the bathroom fan also went on. Why did this make me mad? I have absolutely no idea. On the other hand, I was amused by the “Tree People” – guys that worked for a tree company and were staying at the same hotel. They parked right outside my room and their trucks multiplied during the week. Then voila! Yesterday a major front blew through and knocked out power lines and trees everywhere! Were they migrating in hopes the storm would bring damage? I may never know.

Three. If I have nothing to do but watch TV, I better have the full cable options because 5 ESPN stations are just not good enough for this chick. I spent most of my time sleeping through Oxygen and Discovery Channel series or desperately hoping that Showtime would show something other than football or boxing specials. Seriously, there are enough ESPN’s in the world and yet the premium channels feel the need to further expound on mindless sports. And before someone jumps down my throat for saying I am not fond of sports, let me elaborate. Nearly all professional sports players are grossly overpaid to play with a ball or puck yet some have the gall to complain about only getting $2.5mill a year and how that is unconscionable. Really? Same goes for the bankers who feel they are more entitled to the American public’s money than the ones breaking their backs working 3 jobs to feed their children.

Four. I missed my DVR. I just got one in May ‘09 and I don’t know how I ever lived without one before. I liken this to the need to have internet and a cell phone at all times. I lived very happily for at least 17years without even a computer let alone the internet and about 21years without ever having a cell phone. Losing either for a week now would be devastating.

Five. My sense of taste is now wonky. Everything I taste has a sweet tinge. Like eating pea soup for dinner but having an aftertaste of sweet that lasts until you eat something else. Because the sweetness is constant, I can’t stomach the thought of eating anything that is supposed to be sweet right now. The only time I don’t taste it is when eating and even then some things just don’t taste right. Brushing teeth does not help, nor does drinking water or tea. This is one of those side effects that patients tell you about but the Drs swear don’t exist.

Six. My sense of smell is now also wonky. I liken it to what pregnant women describe having – a super heightened sense of smell. I can smell rotting flowers before they start to wilt. I can smell the BO of people around me and it about makes me sick. I could smell the feathers in my comforter and could tell they need to be dry cleaned. All these things do not help when you are nauseated. Oh yeah but crazy smell and persistent nausea are also non-existent side effects.

Seven. There is no place like home.


  1. I LOVE IT! I love that you're home and I love your quick takes. :) And yes, that is exactly how I would describe my sense of smell right now. I also totally agree with DVR. Even though DVR through comcast SUCKS. Glad you're home! Say hi to your kiddies for me! (PS - my mom asked me last week if something had happened to Chloe because she saw one of your pictures and you had labeled her as Moses, lol. I had to explain it to her)

  2. Yes it can be confusing to those who don't know Chloe told me her "true cat name" is "Moses Jean" LOL! Oh and as soon as you can get UVerse, I highly recommend!


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