Hump Day Bump Day: Week 26

week 26

Health Stats: Blood Pressure 118/64, baby’s Heartbeat 156, total weight gain ~15lbs

How far along? 26 Weeks, 3 Days
Maternity clothes? This outfit is maternity jeans and tank with “normal” cardigan
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: Doing ok.  Still have hips that go numb but I’ve been sleeping deeper and dreaming again.
Best moment this week:  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at my appointment.  It never gets old.   
Miss Anything? Still coffee. Everything is better with coffee.
Movement: My uterus is a gym mat.
Food cravings: Thanks to commercials the new boneless, skinless chicken from KFC.. although I have to report it’s not as good as it looked or sounded.  Will stick with Original Recipe from now on even if it is more “work.”
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not much.. just if I eat too much in one sitting.
Have you started to show yet: Pretty sure that’s a yes
Gender: Gymnastics Darling
Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy rhinitis, reflux, crazy dreams, fatigue… check!
Belly Button in or out? A very shallow innie
Happy or Moody? Today is happy.. tomorrow who knows?
Weekly Thoughts: We are almost into the 3rd trimester.. where the heck did the time go?!
Looking forward to: Getting back out to the house to do more painting!  Its making a huge difference and we don’t have many weeks left!


Hump Day Bump Day: Week 25

week 25aHow far along? 25 Weeks, 3 Days
Maternity clothes? This outfit is normal fold-over yoga pants with maternity shirt
Stretch marks? None yet.
Sleep: It’s been better, it’s been worse.. I’ve found my bed is the best for sleeping right now though/
Best moment this week: Madeline kicked her daddy in the noggin when he was laying on my tummy.  I think we are in trouble if our sweet little girl is already demanding we respect her personal space.
Miss Anything? Coffee most definitely!
Movement: She’s definitely active in there and has recently decided my bladder is a dance floor.
Food cravings: Chipotle chicken burrito bowl… and the closest one is 85 miles away!
Anything making you queasy or sick: The wonderful daily reflux.
Have you started to show yet: I think so?
Gender: Dancing Diva
Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy rhinitis, reflux, crazy dreams, fatigue… check! 
Belly Button in or out? A very shallow innie
Happy or Moody? I think I’m being pretty happy these days. 
Weekly Thoughts: In light of what happened Tuesday at the Boston Marathon, I wonder what kind of world we are bringing our daughter into.  How will we explain these types of things to her?  How can we protect her innocence for as long as possible in a world where we are bombarded with “real time” new updates, social media, and constant connection?
Looking forward to: Getting back to a normal schedule for a few weeks and getting some more work done at the house… namely painting!  Also? It’s been in the 80’s here but we are expecting more normal temps (60’s-70’s) by the end of the week.  I’ve found that the 80’s are a bit warm for this prego lady so I’m looking forward to the more comfortable temps!


Thirty {point} Four


It’s that time of year again… today is my BIRTHDAY

And if you haven’t been around for the ride of the past 4 years you can catch up on the whys of the 30 {point} 4 rather than me just saying “I’m 34” here, here, annnnd here.

Life as I knew it stopped the year I turned 30. And I’m not just saying that it was a ‘holy crap my 20’s are gone!’ moment, my life literally stopped for the year while I dealt with cancer.  From the moment I heard that word everything changed and I felt like I had been cheated out of that year.

This year I think we may finally move past all that.  This year I no longer feel like I was cheated or robbed of a life that I could have had. 

This year I am feeling fully blessed.

I can’t think of a better thing to celebrate… can you?



Hump Day Bump Day: Week 24

24 weeksHow far along? 24 Weeks, 3 Days
Maternity clothes? this outfit is maternity jeans with “normal” tank and sweater
Stretch marks? nope!
Sleep: Waking up several times a night, especially if I eat too late.. tums are my friend
Best moment this week: peeing my pants a little when I coughed… yes that really happened. Not really the best moment I’ve had but definitely one of the funniest!
Miss Anything? Coffee… I’m 8days in to a 9 day/80hr work stretch and man I could use some caffeine!
Movement: my uterus has become a boxing gym
Food cravings: Chinese food… and stale marshmallows
Anything making you queasy or sick: Other than the reflux, no
Have you started to show yet: yes definitely
Gender: Little Princess
Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy rhinitis, reflux, crazy dreams, fatigue
Belly Button in or out? A very shallow innie
Happy or Moody? Still moody. I will attribute this to poor sleep and fatigue.
Weekly Thoughts: Starting to worry about gestational diabetes.  Two fellow preggers have been diagnosed in the last 2 weeks with this and my glucose test is next week! EEK!
Looking forward to: Heading to Michigan to see my family and celebrate my Grandpa’s 89th birthday this weekend!


Weeks 15-23 in a Snap!

I was working on prepping tomorrow’s Hump Day Bump Day post when I decided that I wanted to see just how much things have changed over the last 2.5 months. Here ya go.. weeks 15-23 all in one post!  Oh yeah and check back tomorrow around noon for week 24! <3

prego collage


Hump Day Bump Day: Week 23

week 23How far along? 23 Weeks, 3 Days
Maternity clothes? this outfit is maternity jeans with “normal” tank and sweater
Stretch marks? still none *crosses fingers*
Sleep: Not too bad recently but I still wake up several times a night
Best moment this week: When the hubs felt Maddie kick for the first time!
Miss Anything?  Rum & Coke.. doesn’t that sound so good right now?
Movement: most definitely!
Food cravings: Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn.. I’ve eaten 4 bags in the last 2 weeks!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Have you started to show yet: yuppers!
Gender: Girly Girl
Pregnancy Symptoms: Pregnancy rhinitis, reflux, crazy dreams – Check!!
Belly Button in or out? Still an innie! Although its getting shallow and making my shirts sink in.
Happy or Moody? I would say moody this past week… I’ve been in a funk
Weekly Thoughts: See my 5 things post from earlier in the week.  Also, its my birthday next week… I am definitely not a 20-something going through her first pregnancy and I wonder how things might have been different if I was oh 10 years younger?
Looking forward to: Working the next 9 days in a row… not really… but at the end of this stretch we are heading to Michigan!

belly color


5 Things I’ve Learned After 5 Months of Pregnancy

No matter how much you read about pregnancy, there are things that you just don’t know until you experience it for yourself.  I was thinking this morning about some of the things I’ve learned over the last 5 months…

1.  Everyone’s pregnancy experience is different. Maybe this shouldn’t be such a surprise but it can be!  For example, morning sickness for some means barfing up everything they eat.. for others it means feeling nauseated all day every day.. and then there are the lucky few who say “what’s morning sickness?!” I had the nausea all day, every day and threw up only once.. oh joy. But the differences go far beyond morning sickness.  Reflux, pregnancy sinusitis, fatigue… the list is endless!  Just know that what happens to your friend may not be what happens to you.  And that it is completely normal

2. You will worry, and you need to calm down. I know this seems to contradict what I said in number 1, but I have yet to meet an expectant mommy who had no worries at all during pregnancy. Since there is conflicting information out there about what you should and shouldn’t avoid during pregnancy it can start there.  Is it ok to: color my hair, use hairspray, use non-mineral makeup, eat fish/sushi, drink coffee, eat Jersey Mike’s?  These are just a few of the things that have raced through my brain in the last few days!  During the first 2 months I had bleeding and worried every time I went to the bathroom. I worried that walking around Disney World for 4 days on the family trip had worsened the bleeding/caused a miscarriage. Since feeling her move, I worry that its been too long since I’ve felt the last kick. I worry that I’ve gained too much/too little weight.  I worry our remodeling project won’t get done and we won’t be able to move into the new house in time for Maddie’s arrival. I worry that my enlarged lymph nodes means my cancer is back and has spread.. and how that may impact my family.  I worry in my dreams… I worry, worry, worry.  And then I stop and realize that I am not in control of most of these things, that I can give those worries up to God, and I can be more at peace which is healthier for me and for baby.  And as for the things I can control that I listed above… they have all shown up on various “no-no” lists rampant on the internets and you know what? All of them have been broken by one or more momma-to-be’s at one point or another and their babies turned out just fine.  You can do your best for baby, but you don’t have to live in a bubble while pregnant.

3. It’s never too early to start planning for baby’s arrival.  It should be no surprise to anyone that babies are expensive.. diapers anyone?  What may come as a surprise is just how fast the months can fly by!  It was just yesterday I was staring at that little stick with a slight feeling of shock… of course by yesterday I mean almost 5 months ago!  So start the financial planning from the day you find out you are pregnant.. healthy financials never hurt anyone!  Plan where the baby will sleep, what the baby will eat, how you will diaper them… plan, plan, plan!  And do your research.  How much does an average pack of diapers go for at the various stores?  And notice that diapers come in different sizes with differing amounts of diapers per package.. how much is the cost per diaper per pack at each store? It may seem silly to go to such extremes but most of us will be pinching pennies when income goes from 2 to 1 even if for a short 6 weeks.

4.  Your momma friends and family are your greatest asset!  From the second you find out you are pregnant, advice comes flying from every direction.  While this can get mildly annoying, it is helpful to actually listen too.  Who better to give you helpful hints and tricks than someone who has been there, done that?  After going to 2 major stores to start baby registries where I was given 4 page lists of what I should register for, I decided there was no way on earth every baby needs every item on those pages.  So I asked my cousins who have kiddos what they found indispensible during the baby stage.  To my not-so-surprise their lists were much shorter… and I found that certain specific items appeared on several different lists.  I trust these women and if they say XYZ breast pump is the best, I believe them! After all, they have used them and I have zero experience on those.  Besides after you have 1, 2, 3 kiddos I firmly believe you have worked out what products you would never spend money on again and what things you can’t get enough of!

5. Its “gently loved,” “recycled/upcycled,” “tried and true” not “used” and “cheap”. Speaking of momma friends and family… they can be your greatest asset when it comes to saving some pennies too!  You can start asking every momma you know if you can grab their gently loved baby items now that their babies are into their toddler years, but chances are you won’t have to.  We are getting a breast pump, stroller, car seat, baby swing, baby jungle gym, shopping cart cover… for literally pennies compared to the cost of purchasing new!  I’ve also gone to a couple consignment sales in the area and have gotten never-been-worn-still-have-tags-on outfits in sizes newborn-1yr and other baby items for Maddie for $2-3/each!  These are brand name, quality items!  Babies grow so fast and often are spoiled rotten by grandmas and aunties so its no surprise you just don’t have time to put them in every cutie pie outfit you were gifted.  And for the nursery?  Look around your home or family basements to see what you might be able to repurpose.  Since we are remodeling the home my hubs inherited when his grandma passed, we have also inherited a ton of furniture.  I found a rocker that I’m reupholstering to fit the nursery d├ęcor, a shelf I’m painting white and adding a seat pad for a bench seat/storage piece, and an old dresser that I’m painting white that will be Maddies dresser/changing table combo… total cost? A can of paint, a can of primer, some foam/batting/stuffing and some fabric.  MUCH less than purchasing those items new, and they have family roots which make them all the more special. 

and a little extra bonus… you know, because 6 months is just around the corner!

6. At some point you will cry about something completely ridiculous and/or unexpected.  Today for me it was talking with my husband about his leave request for next week that has yet to be approved by management.  We met for lunch and were talking about it and suddenly I’m bursting into tears in the middle of Panera Bread.  We plan to drive to Michigan to visit my family and to celebrate my birthday, my sister’s birthday, and my grandpa’s 89th birthday and I haven’t been home since December so I guess the thought of getting a “no you can’t go” at the last minute is a little emotional… my husband just looked at me funny and said “why are you crying about this right now?”  All I could say to that was “because I’m pregnant!” It really was the only explanation I had!  I’ve cried at commercials and TV shows, books, internet articles, songs, baby items, my own thoughts… it comes out of nowhere and can be completely embarrassing.  But I think that most women who have been through pregnancy will just smile and hand you a tissue because they get it.  Your hormones are out of control and you can cry or start yelling at the drop of a hat, you just have to go with the flow and enjoy.