30 Again

bday cake

I have officially decided that I am going to celebrate my 30th birthday again this year. 

In all honesty, this has nothing to do with vanity surrounding aging… just that my 30th birthday year was pretty much sucked into the big fat cancer vacuum.

It was less than a month after my 30th (April 12 for those of you who wish to send gifts/cards/monetary contributions) that i discovered “Bob” and my life was flipped upside down and inside out.  I went from being a happy, healthy, skinny, energetic, carefree 29yr old to a 30lb heavier surgical/nuclear medicine/endocrinology/ cancer patient diva who fights daily to get out of bed and stay awake for at least 12 hours while fighting “cancer brain” and trying to make sense of the world and to the world around her. I’m slowly getting my life back on track as well as my lab values…

As I was pondering the healthy happy lifestyle I had less than a year ago, it hit me that I haven’t had any consistency since moving into my new place… that its almost like I haven’t been able to settle into the new place and fit old routines into it.  Simply put, I was pretty consistent in cooking healthy meals, working out, my day and evening skincare regimen… Now I'm lucky if I remember to wash my face in the shower and run through taco bell on my way to hitting up my couch for an afternoon nap!

I think the next step in my recovery process has to be getting back into normal routines.  They will make me feel better mentally and physically and maybe, just maybe I can reclaim control the last 3 months of my 30th year.

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