What to do…


There are days when I find that I can hardly remember what I did 10 minutes ago let alone what I did first thing upon waking up.  So, when I get home from work and think to myself “gosh self you seem tired today… oh crap, did I forget to take my ‘anti-cancer’ pill today?” I find myself in a pickle of what to do!  Do I become an old lady and start using my handy daily pill dispenser so I can remember if I took my pill or not?  Would it really make a difference if I did? 

Here’s the thing, my pill should be taken 12hrs after last eating (empty stomach) and you cannot eat within 1hr of taking it and there are several other medications/vitamins/foods that you cannot take within 4hrs of taking the pill.   So really, the only time you can take it is in the morning. 

What can happen if I take 2 pills the next morning? Well in a sense I can OD my body on thyroid hormone.  I can have heart palpitations, have anxiety attacks, insomnia… basically everything in the body speeds up.  If I don’t take it at all, quite the opposite happens and everything slows down. 

Since taking too little hormone takes a while to cause real problems (except being super tired) and too much hormone can be a danger if the heart rate goes too high, I guess if I can’t remember if I did/didn’t take it that morning I should err on the side of caution?  Or maybe I should just suck it up and start using the pill box and take it when I realize I have forgotten it even if it isn’t quite as effective on a full tummy… What would you do?


  1. Go for the pill box. I know it's dorky and old lady-ish, but if it gives you the peace of mind of knowing whether or not you've taken your pills, it's worth it. Missing a pill will only make you even more forgetful, which will potentially screw up your meds more. It could become a vicious cycle, and that's not what you need right now.

    Just hide the pill box from cute boys. ;-)

  2. Mark it in your calendar in the morning when you have taken it. Then you will "remember"! :-)

  3. yea, I'd do the pill box, better safe than sorry

  4. we should invent hip pill boxes for the younger ladies (and guys) who are in the same prediciment as you!

  5. Pill box! I can't remember anything either, so I go with visual aids, lol.


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