Lots Going On!

The holidays are upon us and things are starting to get super busy around here.  As such, I'm going in a million directions and so are my thoughts. This is when I start making lists and color coding my planner…planner

1. Here is my planner- color coded with multiple colored post-its… 

2. Now that winter has arrived (aka cold and soon to be snow), my hands have cracks all over no matter how much lotion I'm using and I have never been soooo cold in my life! (stupid hypo!)

peek-a-Gil3. My brilliant idea to buy shatterproof ornaments was foiled by the even more brilliant kitties in the house.  They are still targeting the glass bulbs which I find in the kitchen daily.  If you are wondering why the kitchen…why because I have laminate wood flooring there and the bulbs go sailing into the cabinets making a cool [THWACK!] noise of course! So far no breaks… (crossing fingers)

4. I feel like I’m on the edge of so many things right now and I'm finding it hard to be patient!  Many things are hinging on other people and other decisions.  Hopefully there will be more to reveal in time but for now things must remain quiet on much of it… which is REALLY hard for me because I'm an open book!  Maybe that will justify the days when I don’t post something?

5. There was a slight mishap with Christmas this year… I my beautiful tempting treewent down to my storage space to find that a major leak had sprung in the unit next to mine totally soaking my box of decorations!  My dad and I were able to rescue many items but others were just too smelly to salvage.  I would not give up my nativity scene though I did have to coat it with Febreze!  I’m a minimalist when it comes to decos for any holiday so the loss of the various stuffed Christmas beanies was not too difficult.  It was hard to throw away the smelly, moldy, angel… but I found a perfect star instead!

6. I think I'm going to try out the granny pill box for a while.  With the hectic season I'm bound to get less sleep and be on the go more than usual making me more forgetful…and if I miss doses and get more hypo that could be disaster for my immune system when I'm out and about!

7. I’m working on a big 3 Day for a Cure fundraiser for December 19th – Have Breakfast With Santa! If you live in the area, come join the fun!  Your $5 ticket includes breakfast, pictures with Santa, face painting, and more! All proceeds will go to the 2010 Susan G Komen 3 Day for a Cure

And the final word of the day comes from my Grandpa (fitting since Christmas is coming in just 24 days!)… gpa nice

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  1. I have a 4x per day granny pill box. If I didn't have it I really think I would never take my meds on time :(.


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