Coffee Prevents Cancer?

When I saw that headline of course my interest went up!  Hey, I like coffee!! I drink it almost daily with a little sugar free caramel vanilla flavored creamer.  I would love to get me a lovely coffee house special drink every morning but alas, that is too expensive for my budget! 

So why if I drink so much coffee did I still get cancer?  Maybe it was because I didn’t start drinking coffee until I got a job on 3rd shift 5 years ago?  Ooooor maybe its because I hadn’t read the article yet?  Yup, it was the last one.

A new study showed that men who drink coffee can cut their risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 60% if they drank 6 or more cups a day.  SIX CUPS?!  Oh ok, if they drink 1-3 cups a day they cut their risk by 20%. I was going to say… a lot of men will now be walking around buzzed out of their minds on caffeine! Oh but decaf has the same effects. 

Hmmm sounds too good to be true to me but hey if coffee would help in any way, I say DRINK UP!


  1. I've heard that coffee consumption reduces risk of Parkinson's in men...also that tea consumption can cut cancer risk in women...like female cancers. I'm a tea drinker, so I'm sticking with the last one. But my grandfather died of Parkinson's-related complications, so my dad's coffee consumption makes me feel better about his risk!

  2. I drink both coffee and tea so i'm trying to cover all my bases :) Coffee usually is my morning choice and tea I drink at night when I want something warm... although i'm not consistent with it, something is better than nothing right?


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