Making Some Changes

I know I’m behind in Mads monthly updates… she’s 14 months old and so completely adorable and BUSY!  This means mommy is busier too of course.  Part of me wants to keep this blog updated but part of me is ready to move on. 

I originally started Butterfly Lights to process my thoughts as I went through thyroid cancer.  This year marks 5 years cancer free.  It’s a significant point for any survivor to be sure. This place helped me process my emotions these 5 years and has always been a more personal, diary-type space for me.  But 5 years cancer free means the original motivation for this space isn’t on the forefront of my mind.  My focus and priorities have changed drastically over this time. There are still thoughts I could write but I feel like the focus of the blog has become muddled and so I’m taking a break from this space.

I am starting fresh with new focus and passions in a completely new place.  This new blog will be about our family journey to get out of debt, family life, frugal living, recipes, crafts and general mom life.  Introducing….baby wee header 2

It’s new and small but I hope that Little Baby Wee will grow and evolve as our family does.  So come on over and follow the Wee family as we find our way!  You can also check us out on Facebook.  I would love to have you as a new reader over there and hope you will stick around for the occasional post here.

All my love…