{Belated} Birthday Update: Eight Months!

eightmonthsBirth Deets: 21.5in, 8lbs 12oz 
6 month Deets: 16lbs 7oz, 26.5 inches
Height: no appt this month
Weight: no appt this month… was 17lb 3oz at a sick visit
Nicknames: Maddie, Miss Me, babydoll, Little Baby Wee, Silly Wee, Mads
Exciting Events: Mid February to mid March wasn’t particularly exciting as winter raged on and rainbowwe stayed in out of the cold.  Maddie also caught quite a bad cold and proceeded to share it with mommy, daddy and grandma and grandpa H!  Hey… at least we are teaching her to share from a young age?  We did celebrate our very first Saint Patrick’s Day… Miss Maddie is definitely our little pot of gold!  And we had visitors from Michigan!  We did a little sight seeing with them as things started to thaw out around here a bit.  Mads even did her first stint on the AT! visitThis month she tried toast and a few other big people foods straight from the table.  She loves sharing mommy’s oatmeal in the mornings.  We’ve also started Maddie/Mommy time where we spend some time playing and watching a movie (mostly mommy watching a movie and playing with Maddie) but just spending time with “us girls” while daddy gets to watch sports or play a video game or two. One of Maddie’s favorite things in the world is the cat – Tills. She will pull on his tail or his ear or just handfuls of his fur and he just takes it all in stride. She sometimes will be so excited to see him that she will barely touch his fur before bursting into a huge grin and giggles. breakfast
What She Does: Maddie can pull herself up to a standing position like its no big deal. Yup, been doing this forever mom!  She doesn’t crawl but will roll or fall forward to get to what she wants.  I think she’s planning to just skip that whole crawling thing and will be walking soon enough! She is already getting good at walking from one place to another while holding on to someone’s hands. She still has no teeth but that doesn’t stop her from gnawing on her toast!  She says “Mom” all.the.time.  Like literally it’s the only thing she says 24-7. Except when she is baby rapping… still hoping to catch that on video because its hilarious. She’s recently picked up on waving and will sometimes display this new knowledge if you are lucky.  And mommy’s favorite new skill… the head hugs!  When Maddie gets super excited to be with you she will press her little noggin against yours really hard and rub it back and forth with a smile on her face. Sometimes she adds grabbing your ears to pull you closer or noshing on your nose for good measure.  Its quite possibly the cutest thing ever! <3month 8


Comparison Shot

Lots of people say Miss M looks like her mommy so I wanted to do a little comparison shot for y’all! comparison shot

Yes, we are both little cue balls… mommy didn’t have hair until she was a year!  Both have blue eyes and little ears that stick out.  But I think little miss definitely is the cuter of the two baby shots…I may just be a *bit* partial though! 

Happy Friday everyone!
(ps… anyone else notice the scary doll I was playing with?!?)