BIG News!

I have big… biG… bIG… BIG… HUGE  news to share with you!

I will not be putting up a Christmas Tree this year.DSCN0882DSCN0881

Come on!  Do you think I would have been teasing you for WEEKS just to tell you that?!  But… it is a part of the puzzle… a clue if you will.  Here is another clue…DSCN1918Taken earlier this year and posted earlier by yours truly HERE.  Any guesses on the super big announcement yet? 

How about this hint?


If you guessed that I’m moving, you would be only half-right.  One last really obvious hint:

If you guessed that I’m moving to Tennessee to take a new job…. you are obviously a genius because that is exactly right!

Yes folks you heard that right – I’m moving to Johnson City, Tennessee and starting a new job! [and let’s face it, I’m fixin’ to acquire a southern accent right quick] 

Tennessee… the birthplace of country music, Dollywood, Jack Daniel’s, and the Great Smokey Mountains.  Tennessee… a mere 699.91 miles from home and family.  Tennessee… a whole new adventure waiting for me!

There is so much going through my mind at the moment and a whole heck of a lot of checklists and spreadsheets started.  I start my new job January 3rd. Right after New Year’s.  That means between now and then I have to find a new place to live, find some movers, pack up my life, say goodbye to all my friends and family and… let’s not forget the holidays and the craziness they bring anyway! 

I’m starting to panic that I won’t have time to do it all.  At the same time I am SO excited about starting this new journey!  I’ve been wanting to tell everyone for weeks now – I’ve been interviewing since August – but I hope you can forgive the hinting and understand why I have to keep it under wraps for a while. 

I am officially done with my current job as of December 17th so if any of you are around the week of Christmas, let’s make some plans for lunch, dinner, a movie… whatever!  For now, I plan on leaving the mitten the week of New Year’s and arriving with enough time to get unpacked before the holiday.

Sooo I have to know… was the wait worth the big reveal?


  1. You definately had me on on the edge of my seat! We are both so excited for your big opportunity and the journey ahead of you. It's possibly one of the most exciting moments, to sit on the very beginning of something new and know that you have no idea what's ahead but you're putting it in God's hands and you're going to enjoy the ride!! Congratulations, sweetie!!!

    So.... what's the new job?!?!

  2. Jenn -
    I will be the Coding Manager for Mountain States Health Alliance - a 13 hospital organization in TN & VA. I will be over their facility coding operations. :) Its a bit of a step up in the career ladder because that is what we consider a "director" in my current organization.

  3. That's awesome :0) Major congrats on the move up!!!

  4. ...and it checks off the "get a promotion and/or raise" item on my 101 in 1001 list! LOL :)

  5. Wow, wow, wow!!! Awesome!!!

    We have friends in Clarksville (Northern TN, just over the border from KY) and they love it. We love visiting them, too. There is a great winery in Clarksville, Beachaven. If you have the chance to try their wines, do it!!!

    I am so proud of you for taking on such a big, exciting change. Just promise me you won't get hooked on sweet tea.

  6. Congrats on your new job! That is very exciting!! I'm sure your family will miss having you close, but what a great new adventure for you! You will do great!

  7. Awesome! Congrats. We have some good friends that live in Knoxville and are always heading up there to the beautiful parks. We are a little bit over 4 hours from Johnson City (2 hours from Chattanooga).


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