What To Do, What To Do…

fish jumpI am in such a weird place these days.  I am so ready to leap… I know I will leap…but for the moment I’m held back by strong but gentle arms. 

Its not time… yet. 

But while I wait for that moment when I can fly from this cliff, I am almost paralyzed.  Afraid to do this or not to do that.  Will I jinx things if I make too many plans before things are certain?  Will I run out of time if I don’t start some things now?

I’m doing my best to be patient for just a little while longer – and holy cranoli I’ve had enough practice in patience the last couple of years!  You would think by now it would be easy, right?

For now I will work on planning my next vacation – that is something I have control over even though I may have to wait a little bit to leave.  Any suggestions where I should go?


  1. Oh Gracie - i'm not thinking CO would be the best choice for winter?! LOL


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