The Doctors Say…

There are no side effects to taking this radioactive pill into my body… apparently they have never taken it themselves. 

I took my scan dose of radiation this morning and they had to give it to me in 4 pills!  They explained they had to give me the pediatric dose pills because they have had trouble getting the adult doses.  They used to get this from Canada but their nuke plant has been down for the last 6mos so they now have to get it from a plant in South AfricaI’m thinking is this stuff that dangerous that we don’t even make it on US soil!?  Apparently, yes.

So I took my pills like a trooper and I swear, even if the pills have no affect on normal people they completely enhance the effects of hypothyroidism.  Since taking them, I've been nauseous, feel extremely weak, fatigued and headachy, and absolutely cannot get warm. 

My hands, nose, and feet are literally like ice cubes and everything else is covered with 2-3 layers of clothing as well as 2 blankets!  I know I need to try to eat something solid but I barely got down a small bottle of organic fruit smoothie (yay for getting 3.75 servings of fruit/veg!) and frankly, being on the LID leaves little appetizing options that don’t take long to prep.  Right now my best options are air popped popcorn with no butter and a small amount of non-iodized salt or organic unsalted brown rice cakes with natural, unsalted peanut butter and banana slices.  Yummy. I’m thinking I should go with the rice cakes because the PB would give me some protein and the ‘nana would get me to almost 5 fruit/veg servings for the day.

Anyway, trying to muster up the strength to make some food and pack for my isolation location.  I’ve pretty much slept all day and will most likely eat and then sleep again for a while so maybe I can pack during the commercials of Glee, Mercy, Toddlers & Tiaras… and whatever other shows I'm DVR-ing tonight ;o)


  1. I was going to suggest that you have some chicken broth, but I can guarantee that would not be LID. But you can do what old people at Brann's always do when they're cold and are too cheap to pay for coffee/tea - just have a cup of hot water. I've done that a time or two when I'm just soooo cold and it helps. Is tea LID?

    Anyway, good luck with stomaching the dose tomorrow. It'll be over before you know it! (See, I really don't think that's terribly comforting to say to someone - that's what people keep telling me, and frankly, I just want to punch them now. So I would like you to know that I said that in a tongue-in-cheek manner.) But, you are one day closer to being done, and that's always nice to complete another step toward an endpoint. It's like crossing statelines on a long road trip - it's not done yet, but you've definitely marked some progress on the journey!

  2. I hope it all goes well! So your dose you will be taking tomorrow, is that the pediatric pills too? You will be taking a lot if that is the case.

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Just think how much closer you are to being done with the treatment phase and back to your every day life again :)

  4. I am sorry I missed you this morn. Mayme said she saw you! I am praying for you for tomorrow. Mostly, I am praying for no mouth sores. I will be in touch. love, AP

  5. Lace - chicken broth is definitely NOT LID but I do have a recipe to make one that is LID... takes 4-6hrs. Tea i have been drinking about 2 pots a day of!

    Ash - tomorrow my dose will be made by the nuc med doc on duty, not premade capsules so it should only be 1-2 capsules. Thank goodness!

  6. good luck for tomorrow!!! Or today - depending on the time zone you think of! As Lacey said, it is over soon! Think about Saturday - you can have pizza! :-)
    Crossing my fingers that all goes well. Hug, Eva


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