Hit by a Truck

Ok so i’ve been feeling pretty good overall since surgery. There has been the “normal” pain and swelling but my voice has only been a little hoarse and I didn’t have the vicodin nightmare that happened after the last surgery. Feeling good, however, can be a fleeting thing…

After I got home from the hospital, I pretty much spent the day sleeping on the couch while my dad watched Top Chef (and dozed off) on my loveseat. So when my mom came over after work I was wide awake and feeling good. I was so awake that I stayed up reading after my mom went to bed. (Mom is staying with me for a few nights – good thing I have a guest room!) I woke up once during the night but took some meds and got a new ice pack and went back to bed until morning. Thursday morning I was able to take of the bandage and shower for the first time since Tuesday morning. The bandage was taped on really well and it hurt to pull off. I’m also slightly allergic to surgical tape adhesives so it had burned my skin in one place. It didn’t really help that the betadine also makes my skin break out - yay for being a blonde with fair, sensitive skin! The shower was wonderful though and I felt so much better after washing my hair!

My mom had the day off and my aunt Pat came over so we could have a girls day. We looked at pictures, talked, watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and ate Chinese food. I was sitting up and talking almost the entire time but still felt good. When she left, Vanessa and Lindsay stopped by for a visit and I was up and talking for another couple hours but still felt good. Then my mom and I had dinner and I finally laid down to relax a bit… My neck was throbbing and my ice packs couldn’t get cold enough. It was at that point that I knew I had done too much, too soon. I took some extra meds and got out a heavy duty ice pack and slept like a rock.

I woke up this morning and feel exhausted and bruised from the bridge of my nose to my waist – basically like i’ve been hit by a truck! Today’s plan is to rest all day so I can be up for any visitors that stop by tonight, and to also save up some energy so I can visit a little with family this holiday weekend. If i’m feeling up to it, my mom is going to bring me up to Gma/Gpa K’s house in Newaygo for a few hours on Sunday and to Gpa S’s BBQ on Monday. That’s the goal at least!

DSCN0543 Flowers, cards, magazines, scrapbook supplies… My family and friends rock!

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