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Mom's first Chemo Cap So ok, I realize I haven’t done an update on how I'm doing physically in a while. Mostly, there hasn’t been much to tell… Last week I got my labs drawn to check my calcium and my Dr hasn’t called to tell me I can back off on the Tums yet so it must not be normal yet. I plan on calling next week to see if I can start tapering the dose and/or if I need another level drawn soon.

Today I got my labs drawn to check my thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and I hope to hear about that on Monday. We need it to be at 30.00 or higher in order to schedule my pre-ablation WBS, radioactive iodine ablation, and post-ablation scans with Nuclear Medicine. They won’t even consider talking with you until you get to that point. I’m feeling positive that my TSH has been rising because I've been experiencing hypothyroid symptoms more acutely this week. I’ve been sleeping 12-14hrs/day, hair is falling out regularly, I've stopped feeling like I have hot flashes, and have stopped running a constant temp of 99F+ (that was annoying for over a week).

Yesterday and today I've been COLD. Yes, I know the weather has cooled a bit but I live on the 3rd floor, have my windows shut, layers of 3 shirts and 2 blankets and my hands and feet cannot get warm. I probably should try some socks too but I like the barefoot freedom of summer and its not officially fall… yet! I’ve also started getting the stupid body aches and headaches… and my mom and dad think I'm not making much sense or remembering things they told me so there goes my cognition! (sorry if the blog doesn’t make sense in the next couple weeks! lol) I have noticed it’s harder to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes so its a good thing I'm a list-maker! Scar at 2 Weeks

Other than that, I'm hot on the trail for sugar free lemon drops – I have to eat one every 15 minutes when going through RAI for the first 48hrs, even waking every couple hours overnight to eat them. The sugar ones can make you nauseated (hazmat team needed) and the increased acidity of saliva caused by the RAI is hard on teeth so adding sugar into the mix means cavity city. The parotid glands also tend to have swelling and blockage issues after RAI so having these on-hand to stimulate salivation is key. I also need to remember to buy baking soda to do rinses several times a day to neutralize some of the acid. The stuff I have is OLD and I'm NOT putting it in my mouth!

Still trying to figure out what to do after RAI too but all will be clear in time I guess! I’m not worrying too much about it until I know when it will be, hence why I'm praying my TSH went up, uP, UP!

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  1. wow! didn't realize i look so tired! some dark circles forming under those eyes in the first pic! LOL


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