Dream A Little Dream

I don’t remember my dreams often but when I do it’s usually because its completely crazy, scared the crap out of me, what I’ve dreamed has come true, or I’ve had the dream more than once. 

Recently there is a new dream that I’ve had that I remember vividly.  I’ve had it three times now.  According to dream interpretation websites, recurring dreams are your subconscious mind desperately trying to tell you something and they are usually triggered by current life events.  Basically its your mind telling you to wake up and pay attention so you can figure out what is going on and deal with it.

So here’s my dream…

I’m sleeping when I smell something that wakes me up (in the dream world).  I head down my stairs when I start to feel scared.  Suddenly I notice that my back door is slightly open and I realize what I’m smelling is smoke.  I slowly inch down the stairs and I see a man standing next to my door.  He doesn’t notice me but is just standing there smoking and staring into my living room at something that I can’t see.  A black cat is sitting next to him looking at the same thing.  I stand there, frozen in fear.  In my dream my anxiety level rises as I feel that any moment he will notice me standing there… and then I wake up

So what the heck does that mean?  I sure hope it isn’t literal and that a man is really breaking in my back door and smoking in my house at night!

After researching various dream websites this is the best I can come up with…

stairs – walking down them suggests there are thoughts and emotions you have yet to express and may also reflect obstacles in your future.  I can only imagine that the fact that I get apprehensive as I head down them means I really don’t want to face whatever the obstacle is

intruder – this usually symbolizes feelings of shame or remorse and that you should figure out what is taking a toll on your peace of mind.

cat – (if you generally like them) symbolizes that within you is a free spirit, feminine sensuality, creativity, and power. A black cat can mean you are afraid of using your psychic abilities or intuition.

smoking – may be a metaphor for an addictive relationship or habit in your life.

Soooo… There are feelings I need to express in the near future that I think is an obstacle.  I have regrets and so my mind isn’t at peace and this may involve an aspect of myself that is creative or intuitive in nature and is most likely an addictive behavior of mine.

Hmmmmm…  I wonder what it could be!


Monday Mumbles

Random thoughts for the day…

One. This weather stinks – its rainy and in the 40’s.  I like rain but the cold – no thank you!  And yes I know I could be in MI where it is even MIcolder… but I’m not and I want the 70F’s back!
Two. Speaking of Michigan… I will be there in just 17 short days!  I’m officially putting in my order for good weather now.
Three. Before I head back to MI for a few days, I get to spend a couple days in Orlando for a conference.  Anyone want to join me?
Four. Speaking of the cold.  I have one.  Or its allergies.  Either way I just want to stay curled up in bed.
Five. But its highly possible that I’m just not treating my body right andyokr it’s mad at me.  my entire food pallet today was BROWN. Not one color to be seen. I am totally not joking and its disgusting when you think about it. That is so not right and I need to change that now… or maybe tomorrow. A frozen york peppermint patty is calling me and that too is brown!
Six. So yeah, change in diet and change in exercise is on the agenda.  I may just get up the courage to start Jillian’s 30 Day Shred!
Seven.  Its only 9pm and I’m exhausted. Time for bed!


You Know You’re a Yankee When…

I was sitting at lunch with some coworkers today when the topic of Soup Beans came up.  When I said that I haven’t ever had Soup Beans they all looked shocked.  It was at that point I decided I wouldn’t tell them I didn’t even know what Soup Beans were in fear they would fall off their chairs! (although some may read this and my secret will be out!) I was then asked “how do you fry your chicken? With flour orkfc cornmeal?”  to which my response was “I’ve never fried chicken.”  The table was in an uproar and I was asked “What do you eat up there in the North?!”

If they only knew that my mom pretty much only cooks by way of microwave with the exception of a casserole or two.  And my dad is a master of the grill. My chicken was pretty much always baked or grilled and the fried kind came from KFC.

I have watched enough Food Network to know that you use flour to fry chicken (this was confirmed by the coworkers) and the key is to add soup beansspices to the flour before frying for flavor.

And the Soup Beans…?

When I got home today, I Googled “Soup Beans” and this is what the almighty Wikipedia has to say on that subject:

Soup beans is a term common in the Southern United States, particularly the regions around the Appalachian Mountains. It refers to pinto or other brown dried beans cooked with smoked pork as flavoring. Soup beans are usually served with cornbread, greens (such as boiled cabbage, cauliflower, or fried sauerkraut and weenies), corn (whole or sweet), and potatoes (stewed or fried) and may be topped with raw chopped onions. The meal is often topped with pickle relish. Soup beans are considered a main course, but also serve as a side dish. In rural areas, where food was scarce during the winter, these dried beans were a staple food.


One Advantage

radiationHearing all the reports of the radiation worries in Japan lately makes my heart go out to the people there.  The country is already devastated from the damage caused by the earthquake on March 11.  Now those poor people have to worry about their water and food and even the air…

I’ve been reading the news reports and thinking how bizarre it is that the radiation that is causing all the hubbub is the very same stuff that I had to ingest in quite a large and concentrated quantity just 17 months ago.  The very same radioactive isotope used as the treatment for thyroid cancer also causes thyroid cancer.  DSCN0845

I have first hand knowledge of what can happen if you ingest this isotope in high doses. I won’t recount all the dirty details of just exactly what did happen in this post but if you are interested you can read about it here, here, or here

After going through all of that and having every last thyroid cell radioactively burned out of my body, its nice to know that there is at least one thing I won’t have to worry about should a nuclear disaster happen nearby.


What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

It’s been a really rough week round these parts.  I’ve been neglecting le Blog not because there is nothing to write about but because my days have been long and my creativity has been drained.  I also wasn’t on the internet at all for about 4 days. *gasp*  Well with the exception of my phone but I tend to do more looking than doing from my phone. It’s cumbersome and I just prefer the keyboard.. yup this girl isn’t getting an iPad anytime soon!  So to get back on track and remind myself of the many, many amazing things out there I’m doing WILW again!

I’m loving the spring like weather we’ve been having lately.. fitting because it actually is spring now.

Asheville, NC Magnolia

And I’m loving the amazing reminder of renewal all around me… and I’m also loving the storms that are on their way tonight!



I’m loving the new friends I’m making here and I’m also loving the fact that I will see my old friends in just 3 weeks!  We have some serious girl time planned and I can’t wait!


I’m also I’m loving the storms that are on their way tonight. the wine I brought with me on my move.. Tabor Hill Demi Sec rocks my socks!  I just wish I had another bottle..

I’m loving that I am expanding my creative outlets and that I’m taking some time to do some serious self reflection.  I think it’s healthy to do that once in a while don’t you?

So here’s the question… what are YOU loving today?




You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Kaffee: I want the truth!
Col. Jessep: [shouts] You can't handle the truth!
- A Few Good Men

What is the thing everyone says they want in a relationship?


What is the one thing that most people can’t handle?

The truth.truth

It’s hard enough dating and worrying about normal rejections: Will he think my hair is too short/blonde/long/flat? What if I something gets stuck in my teeth?  What if my outfit is just all wrong? What if he thinks I’m too thin/fat?  The list is endless and we all worry about them every time.


What if you add the “cancer thing” in there? See you can hide that precious little gem from people for a while but when you literally bear your dirty little secret on your neck, it doesn’t stay hidden for long.  [I’m sure I’ve blogged about this topic before but for the life of me can’t find it on here!]  When should you tell that potential someone? If you tell them right away, it might be too much too soon.  But if you wait, will they think you were keeping this big huge secret behind their back?  Once you do tell them, whenever you choose to do so, will they bow out anyway because it’s just too much to handle.

I had cancer. I dealt with it, I accepted it, I conquered it. I have changed because of it. I know I am stronger because of it.

I had cancer but I am a lot more than cancer ever was. And you are the one who’s missing out.


Curiosities of the Civil War by Webb Garrison {a book review}


Do you like history?  Do you want to know more about the War Between the States and how America came to be? Are you a fan of random facts?

Then the book Curiosities of the Civil War: Strange Stories, Infamous Characters, & Bizarre Events by author Webb Garrison is for you!  Even if you think you are a Civil War buff, I can almost guarantee that there will be new tidbits of information that you will glean from reading this book.

The Civil War is known for being the bloodiest in American History but this book looks beyond the atrocities to recount bizarre tidbits as well as stories of some of the little known, everyday heroes.

I am not really a history buff but I do tend to like random tidbits of information.  This book held my interest throughout and went beyond the traditional history to give you more of the story.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more than just the traditional perspectives.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Blisters for Breast Cancer!

b for bcYes, I'm doing it again - I signed up for the 2011 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure! I had such incredible experiences while walking the 3-Day for the Cure that I'm going back for more. I'm so excited about this event, especially since I will be walking in a new city - Tampa Bay!

I had not planned on walking this year because if you haven't heard, I moved 12 hours away from Michigan to Tennessee!  With the move, a new job, new surroundings, I just wasn't sure how the fundraising and training would fit.  But in theMy poor feet after the 2010 3 Day end I knew I had to walk... not walk away.  This event isn't easy, but I promise you, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't believe 100% that it was worth every muscle ache, weary night and training walk!

I need your help. I am planning on surpassing the $3000+ that you - my friends and family - gave so generously last time around to help end breast cancer.

This year I'm walking in memory of my Grandma S and in honor of the many, many cancer survivors in my life.  I would be honored to walk in memory or in honor of one of your loved ones too!

Just follow the link below to visit my personal fundraising Web page to make a donation.  And please share this post with your friends and family that may want to donate too - the more people this message will reach, the closer we get to finding a cure!
If you have any questions or want to hear more about what I'm doing, I love talking about the event. Thanks for all of your support. I'm incredibly lucky to have people like you in my life!


P.S. Don't wait - donate today!  The sooner I reach my fundraising goal, the sooner I can focus on the training needed to make it through all 3 days!


Sunday Brunch

I decided to get a little Suzy Homemaker this morning and do something fancy with my eggs.  Now, I'm not really a fan of eggs.  They are very useful things but to just eat an egg, its not my favorite.  I much prefer pancakes for breakfast.  If I do eat eggs they are usually scrambled or in an omelet.  On occasion I eat what my Grandma used to call “dippin’ eggs” – the kind where you can dip your toast in the yolk.  I don’t even know what the proper term for those is but I do know I can’t make them the way she and Grandpa used to!

So anyway, back to this morning’s experiment.  I was up early and decided Quiche Lorraine sounded good.  I had the general ingredients but I didn’t have a recipe.  I did a quick search through my Cooking Up A Cure vol 2 and found one and then did a search online and found another… in the end I used those 2 to make my own version and it was divine!  So I’m proud of myself and sharing my recipe with you:

Super Easy Quiche Lorraine:

1 Frozen Pie Crust
3 Large Eggs
2/3 c. Sour Cream
1/3 c Skim Milk
1 1/2 c Finely Shredded Kraft Italian 5 Cheese Blend
2/3 c Real Bacon Crumbles
1 tbs Flour
1/4 tsp Onion Powder
Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 450F and line the pie crust with aluminum foil.  Bake for 8 minutes.  Remove the foil and bake another 5 minutes or until the crust is dry and set.  Remove from oven and turn down the temperature to 325F.
  2. In a large bowl, beat together eggs, sour cream, milk, bacon, onion powder, salt and pepper.
  3. In a smaller bowl toss together the shredded cheese and flour.
  4. Combine the egg mixture and the cheese mixture well and pour into set pie crust.
  5. Cover the edges of the pie crust with the aluminum foil and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until a knife comes out clean from the middle.

IMAG0049I would have used Onion Onion mix from Tastefully Simple if I had any… I don’t like biting into real onion chunks but if you do, you could finely chop one and add that instead of the onion powder.  And normally you would use Swiss cheese but since that would require buying a chunk of cheese and grating it myself, I opted for a kind that was pre-shredded and bagged.  It really is just a matter of mixing everything together which is my kind of recipe!  I know this isn’t quite a traditional Quiche Lorraine but it’s still mighty tasty!

If you try it – let me know what you think! Happy Baking!

Linked up at: Mommy’s Kitchen


Mind Over Mass?

I was reading an article on CNN.com today about a guy who “visualized” his bladder cancer away.


Ok I’m not one to knock a miracle or anything… and I think we have all heard a story or two of someone who was seriously ill and then suddenly wasn’t… but I always cringe when I see articles like this. Articles that basically say you don’t need to get the standard treatments, you can just sweat/exercise/eat/think yourself to a cure!

While I can’t argue that miracles DO happen, I think I can safely fight like a girlsay that they don’t happen to everyone. And if you forgo all the amazing things that modern medicine can offer, you may just get the short end of the stick.  In my humble opinion, you need to take ownership of your diagnosis and then do whatever it takes to kick it’s little booty!

At the same time I have read many studies about the impact that attitude has on outcomes in patients.  Basically they all say if you think you are sick and dying, you may want to be a little more careful of what you wish for…

Now, I’m not going to say it’s easy to stay positive through months [and sometimes years] of treatment.  I know I had my moments… or at least I think I did… where everything was completely miserable, horrible, the worst ever.. [hmmm now I hospitalthink I’ll have to look back at those blog entries to check]  And sister, if it makes you feel like you have some control over the situation by eating only raw, crunchy, rabbity food… by all means go right ahead!  We could all use those extra vitamins and minerals to boost our immune systems!  And if you feel like meditation and visualization helps you keep things in a positive light, then Namaste.

But please, please, please people… talk with your doctors about all your options! You may be surprised to find how many of them will encourage and support your complimentary medicine wishes and will even incorporate them in your treatment plans.

In the end it’s all about owning your body, mind and spirit instead of letting the diagnosis take that role.


Nutty Part 2

Did you notice something new on the bloggy blog perchance?

I’ll give you a biiiiiiig hint…. its right over…


Yes ladies and gents, I’ve drunk (drank?) the Kool-aid once again!

In 2009 I told you all I must be nuts because I had just signed up to walk 60 miles in 3 days… for the 3rd time… in the middle of treatment for my thyroid cancer.  Perhaps I was suffering from cancer brain at the time?  So what is my excuse for signing up for my 4th…. hmmmmm… let’s expound on that, shall we?

My 3rd 3-Day was nothing short of amazing.  I was able to walk with one of my inspirations - my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor.  My mom experienced her first 3-Day as a medical crew member.  I watched another of my aunts carry the “Birthdays” flag in Opening Ceremonies.  Watched as my team mate succumbed to the evil thing called dehydration.  I had blisters covering my heels and between my toes and road rash covering my calves. (ps: no one tells you but your skin does weirdo stuff in a post-cancer world)  And I didn’t know it at the time but I saw Jenne Fromm in one of her last 3 Day events as National Spokesperson… gonna miss that girl this year. Walked in ridiculous heat that fast approached the 100F mark.  And as a team we raised almost $20,000 even in the crappy economy of Michigan!

And why was all that amazing you ask?  Because of moments like these…

65 DSCN1332
41 39862_424293926436_681551436_5496951_331
DSCN1383 5
DSCN1438 b for bc
DSCN1421 DSCN1454