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I don’t remember my dreams often but when I do it’s usually because its completely crazy, scared the crap out of me, what I’ve dreamed has come true, or I’ve had the dream more than once. 

Recently there is a new dream that I’ve had that I remember vividly.  I’ve had it three times now.  According to dream interpretation websites, recurring dreams are your subconscious mind desperately trying to tell you something and they are usually triggered by current life events.  Basically its your mind telling you to wake up and pay attention so you can figure out what is going on and deal with it.

So here’s my dream…

I’m sleeping when I smell something that wakes me up (in the dream world).  I head down my stairs when I start to feel scared.  Suddenly I notice that my back door is slightly open and I realize what I’m smelling is smoke.  I slowly inch down the stairs and I see a man standing next to my door.  He doesn’t notice me but is just standing there smoking and staring into my living room at something that I can’t see.  A black cat is sitting next to him looking at the same thing.  I stand there, frozen in fear.  In my dream my anxiety level rises as I feel that any moment he will notice me standing there… and then I wake up

So what the heck does that mean?  I sure hope it isn’t literal and that a man is really breaking in my back door and smoking in my house at night!

After researching various dream websites this is the best I can come up with…

stairs – walking down them suggests there are thoughts and emotions you have yet to express and may also reflect obstacles in your future.  I can only imagine that the fact that I get apprehensive as I head down them means I really don’t want to face whatever the obstacle is

intruder – this usually symbolizes feelings of shame or remorse and that you should figure out what is taking a toll on your peace of mind.

cat – (if you generally like them) symbolizes that within you is a free spirit, feminine sensuality, creativity, and power. A black cat can mean you are afraid of using your psychic abilities or intuition.

smoking – may be a metaphor for an addictive relationship or habit in your life.

Soooo… There are feelings I need to express in the near future that I think is an obstacle.  I have regrets and so my mind isn’t at peace and this may involve an aspect of myself that is creative or intuitive in nature and is most likely an addictive behavior of mine.

Hmmmmm…  I wonder what it could be!

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