What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday

It’s been a really rough week round these parts.  I’ve been neglecting le Blog not because there is nothing to write about but because my days have been long and my creativity has been drained.  I also wasn’t on the internet at all for about 4 days. *gasp*  Well with the exception of my phone but I tend to do more looking than doing from my phone. It’s cumbersome and I just prefer the keyboard.. yup this girl isn’t getting an iPad anytime soon!  So to get back on track and remind myself of the many, many amazing things out there I’m doing WILW again!

I’m loving the spring like weather we’ve been having lately.. fitting because it actually is spring now.

Asheville, NC Magnolia

And I’m loving the amazing reminder of renewal all around me… and I’m also loving the storms that are on their way tonight!



I’m loving the new friends I’m making here and I’m also loving the fact that I will see my old friends in just 3 weeks!  We have some serious girl time planned and I can’t wait!


I’m also I’m loving the storms that are on their way tonight. the wine I brought with me on my move.. Tabor Hill Demi Sec rocks my socks!  I just wish I had another bottle..

I’m loving that I am expanding my creative outlets and that I’m taking some time to do some serious self reflection.  I think it’s healthy to do that once in a while don’t you?

So here’s the question… what are YOU loving today?



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