Are There Two of Me?

Cloning.  It’s never been something that I have agreed with…

Until now.baby clone

I need a clone. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Actually I need more than 1… heck, I even need more than 2!

I need one to be at work for me in TX… one to be in TN to clean the house and buy groceries, another in TN to hang with the fiancĂ©… one in MI to hang with family, another in MI to meet up with friends, another in MI to be a wedding coordinator… so that would be… 6 clones?

And that would leave me… lucky number 7… free to be selfish and just tend to myself. 

All I would need is a day or two where I didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone or doing anything that I didn’t want to do.  And maybe I would finally have time to do the little things like… oh, I don’t know… get my hair cut or my eyebrows waxed?

Sigh… even a few hours like that sound so heavenly at the moment.

So my New Year’s resolution?  Be a mad scientist and create clone selves that last just 24hrs or so.  Anyone want to fund me?


Math Class

End of the year number crunching!

Let’s do some math shall we?

Between July 27th (when I started the new job) and December 31st there are 158 days on the calendar.  Of those…

102 were/will be spent in TX for work
17 were spent in Grand Rapids, MI visiting family & friends
7 were spent in Colorado Springs, CO visiting Lacey & the boys
5 were spent in Tampa, FL for the SGK 3 Day
3 were spent in Nashville, TN for the fiancé's birthday bash

…and a grand total of 24 days were spent at my home sweet home in TN!

Now I have about 10 months to plan a wedding and people keep telling me it’s no big deal and they planned their weddings in much less time…


How many of you out there have planned a wedding in one state {MI} while living in another state {TN} while working in yet another state {TX} with over 1,000 miles between them?  Those are the only people I want to hear the“It’s no big deal!” from!

I have been told planning a wedding is stressful and I’m definitely already feeling the stress!  But I’m not going to worry about the little things {ask me if I did 11 months from now} and just focus on the big things… if we have a ceremony site and a minister we will still be married.. and that’s the only thing that is important.


*News <3 Flash*

We interrupt this epic fail of a blog {ie: my months of non-posts} to bring you an EPIC news flash!


It happened one week ago today and we couldn’t be happier!  We were actually in Nashville, TN to celebrate his birthday by attending the Titans vs. Saints game {am I the best GF ever or what?} and I was the one who ended up with the best gift!


Everything is still very new but we DO have a date and a ceremony location picked out.  That being said there are several hundred other things we still need to work out!  The next 10 months or so promise to be ridiculously packed but I can’t wait to see everything fall into place!