Math Class

End of the year number crunching!

Let’s do some math shall we?

Between July 27th (when I started the new job) and December 31st there are 158 days on the calendar.  Of those…

102 were/will be spent in TX for work
17 were spent in Grand Rapids, MI visiting family & friends
7 were spent in Colorado Springs, CO visiting Lacey & the boys
5 were spent in Tampa, FL for the SGK 3 Day
3 were spent in Nashville, TN for the fiancé's birthday bash

…and a grand total of 24 days were spent at my home sweet home in TN!

Now I have about 10 months to plan a wedding and people keep telling me it’s no big deal and they planned their weddings in much less time…


How many of you out there have planned a wedding in one state {MI} while living in another state {TN} while working in yet another state {TX} with over 1,000 miles between them?  Those are the only people I want to hear the“It’s no big deal!” from!

I have been told planning a wedding is stressful and I’m definitely already feeling the stress!  But I’m not going to worry about the little things {ask me if I did 11 months from now} and just focus on the big things… if we have a ceremony site and a minister we will still be married.. and that’s the only thing that is important.

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