SOCS: A Weighty Issue

I’ve noticed around the blogosphere that everyone seems to be talking about their weight these days.  Perhaps it’s because the extreme heat around the nation has us all reaching for body revealing shorts, tanks, and swimsuits on a daily basis?  It’s definitely hard to ignore a few extra pounds with so little fabric. losinit

Even though I haven’t been writing about it, weight has been on my mind as well.  I’ve gained weight since I took the job here in Tennessee because of a whole lot of stress and bad eating habits.  There have been many, many days where I haven’t had any food until heading home after a 12 hour day… this excludes coffee of course.  And if I did get a chance to grab some food it was quick junk in a drive through on my way to/from meetings.  It has been horrible for my body and I feel horrible as a result.  It isn’t that I’m feeling down about how I look but more that I am feeling in my health.  My energy levels are down and I just feel blah. 

Now that I have left job, I want to refocus on getting back to feeling well.  With the new job there are new twists… I will be traveling 16-18 days out of every month and we all know eating out that much has it’s challenges.  I just need to make better choices when on the days I am home I need to spend some time cooking at home.  It might be a good time to knock off some of my 101 in 1001 physical health goals?  Of course the 3 Day training focus should help some too!

To all of you out there who are going through the some weight struggles, I wish you good luck and happy losing!


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  1. Can I tell you something? I mentioned that I lost 3 pounds this week. Did I mention that I lost that from eating a lot of fast food? Sounds weird but we had to be out of our house most evenings for showings (our house is on the market). I piled my son and my dog in the car and hit the drive through. I use an app to keep me up on what's what in fast food and made some very healthy choices. You can do it!! And gosh, I feel better.

  2. Weight, for whatever reason, does seem to be on everyone's minds lately. I've noticed a good many bloggers taking on weight loss challenges, too, but I agree with Fadra, it's not so much where you eat, it's making healthy choices wherever you happen to be. Luckily, even fast food chains seem to be offering healthier choices.

    Good luck, and congrats on the new job!

  3. Thanks ladies! I know there are healthier options at fast food places but I haven't been making those choices! Salads are harder to eat that fries when driving. I'm going to look for some apps that may help me while traveling - thanks for that tidbit Fadra!

  4. Due to my food allergies, I can't eat at a lot of fast food places. Subway salads and I are BFFs these days. Jack in the box also has a nice grilled chicken southwest salad that is oh so good.

    It's a choice that I've had to make. Yes it's hard but you will feel better. I've lost 25 pounds since Jan with My Fitness Pal and I am amazed at all the calories/carbs/fat in things.

    To exercise on the go, I walk inside and take the stairs. Everything does make a difference. It just starts with you!

  5. Weight has been a hot topic for me ... since I had my daughter the weight is NOT coming off ... I know that there are things I could do but since I spent a year of self flagellation going to the gym and dieting on and off and didn't see results I've given up ... I keeping hoping that the longer I breastfeed it will come off but I am thinking that when I wean it will be easier. Who knows? I have always a had an issue with weight and at my skinniest (I was skinny) I felt fat and was unhappy - makes me feel like it's a state of mind thing ... ok I am I fat/chubby depends who you talk to but I am happy but I THINK I will be happier when I am slimmer!

    Good luck with your weight loss goals!

  6. Like you said just make healthier choices at home and when you can on the road! I think you know what to do....good luck with everything!


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