Thirty {point} Three


It’s that time of year again… my birthday!  And in keeping with tradition of the past two years {thirty plus one & thirty point two} I’m not turning a year older but just adding a {point} 3 to the end of my decade. 3yr

I started that tradition when diagnosed with cancer just a couple months after my 30th birthday deeming that year one of the worst on record and in need of a do-over.  This year I think we may have just about made up for that one…

Earlier this week I went in to have Jo biopsied – finally – and while in the room with the gown on and ultrasonic gel slapped all up in my armpit the doc turns to me and says, “I just can’t find anything!”  After a few moments of shock my mom and I recovered long enough to as the questions necessary to deduce that the lump has disappeared completely!  We could not have received better miracle that day! 

game timeNot only is it my birthday but it also happens to be just 6 MONTHS from the day I will marry the most wonderful man I could have imagined for myself.  The wedding plans themselves bring me all sorts of anxiety if I think about them for too long but I can’t wait for the actual marriage! 

I’m also celebrating this year with a new nephew who is just the cutest thing EVER!  I mean just look at that sweet little face!




As if that’s not enough, I’m feeling a bit left out of the cancer fighting circles as of late.  I still love my guys and gals of the SGK 3 Day but I just can’t commit this year with the wedding and all.  Believe me it is SO worth all the blood, sweat & tears to participate, but because I know what it takes, I know it’s not my year.  BUT I can’t leave all the cancer kickin’ to everyone else so I have a few tricks up my sleeve… some I may or may not tell you about in posts to come. 

This promises to be a year to remember so in honor of that I’m finally starting my Project 365!  I hope I can remember to do it every day!

Cheers to a fabulous new year!

*I know, I’m a bit late posting this as my actual birthday was yesterday but a girl has to work too!