homesweet homeFinally.

I’m home.

For more than 24 hours.

For the first time since November 15th.

{Insert contented sigh here.}


New Year

Well it’s the new year and I haven’t managed to actually do my year in review post.  Perhaps I will get to that later this week… and perhaps we shall just skip that one this year.  I’m voting for skip it.  What do you all think?  I also haven’t posted any New Year’s resolutions… mostly because I haven’t made them yet.

Anywho… I was on here just checking on a couple things and thinking about making some resolutions before heading to work {yes it’s a Sunday and yes I have to work} and noticed my 101 things list has pretty much fallen by the wayside… not that I haven’t made any progress mind you… I just haven’t updated the list in quite a while!  Especially in the book and movie area. 101-in-1001-header_grunge

I also noticed that my deadline for the 101 is only 1.5 years away! And I know I have a couple of things on there that are year long projects. {365 Photos anyone?}  I hate to back down from a challenge and I especially don’t like to fail any goals I set for myself…


My New Year’s resolution is to focus on my 101 list… because it pretty much contains any of the old standard resolutions that we all make year after year {health, wealth, happiness...}.

What are your resolutions?


Checking Off My List


Planning a wedding means having a plethora of to-do lists… none of which I’ve looked at!

I am usually a huge list kind of girl but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and make one for the wedding yet.  But I do have a general idea of what needs to go on the list and am very happy to report that we managed to check off quite a few key list-type items over the last week! {I was very lucky the fiancĂ© was up in the Mitten with me so we could get things done.}  So what exactly have we accomplished?

  • Minister – Booked!
  • Church – Booked!
  • Reception Site – Booked!
  • Caterer – Booked!
  • Wedding Gown – Purchased!
  • Engagement Pics – Taken!
  • Save the Dates – Ordered!
  • First Pre-Marital Counseling Sesh – Completed!
  • Wedding Website – Created!
  • Bridal Show – Attended!  Where I got…
  • TONS of info on flowers, photographers, photo booths, cakes, hotels, honeymoon sites, bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, limos.. you name something wedding related and it was probably at the show!

Now I’m feeling less stressed and more excited about things again and I’m so thankful things are falling into place for us!