Kick In The Booty!

pink flowerI logged into my 3 Day participant center to read…

95 days until the event!”

What?! That is just 3 short months away!  And then I found this…

“On July 28, a link will appear below to enter online check-in. Online check-in will be open from July 28 to October 24.”

Yikes!  When online check in opens it’s business time!  When you check in, you have to have your fundraising minimum raised or put up your own personal credit card for the remaining amount.  The 3 Day takes serious commitment to not only training but also to fundraising.

I am currently just $950 short of my fundraising minimum which may sound like a lot, but I've already raised $1350 toward the $2300 goal!  I know I can reach that goal but I just need to get focused. 

So this is me… focusing

I’m asking your help to get me there!  Consider sponsoring me $1 per mile for a total donation of $60 or... If you can’t spare $60, please consider a donation in an amount you can give. To donate by credit or debit card, just visit www.the3day.org/goto/christina2011 there you have the option to split your donation into 4 easy, tax-deductible, payments.

Each year the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure events raise $50+ million for cancer research. Cancer research is expensive, the current treatments are expensive, the screening tests to catch the disease early are expensive... but if the money donated leads to just ONE life saved, that is priceless.

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