Love or a Wedding?

I’ve spent a good portion of today watching the show Bridezillas on WE. It amazes me how completely insane some of these women are! Why anyone puts up with them and their crazy antics is beyond me. They are horrible to everyone around them! At what point did it become all about treating the bride like a psychotic queen and not about celebrating the start of your married life with your best friend and soul mate? Or maybe the better question is what are these men thinking marrying these psychos?!

I think that you should want the marriage, the relationship, more than you want this ridiculously extravagant day. The weddings that are more about embarking on that journey are very apparent. You see pure joy coming from the couple that outshines any overpriced glitter scattered about the tables.

I don’t know, maybe my take on the whole thing is outdated and romanticized? Maybe its because I'm older [and dare I say wiser?] than these spoiled 20-somethings who have obviously never been told no? Or maybe I've been through so much in my life to date that these tantrums seem more petty?


  1. Christina, you are right on. When I got married, my only goal was being married to Brandon at the end of the day -- not a "perfect" wedding. I was never one of those little girls who dreamed about her wedding...and once we got engaged, the focus was about celebrating our love.

    These people totally scare me!!

  2. I read your post yesterday and then the 'light bulb' came on last night. They begin as Toddlers & Tiaras and turn into Bridezillas!!!

  3. Vanessa I laughed so hard when I read your comment! Sooo glad we are both guilty of watching that show :)


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