Tastebuds Where Art Thou?

Dear Tastebuds,

Where have you gone?  I miss you dearly and implore you to return to your right and proper place on my tongue. I deeply apologize for irradiating you nearly one month ago but I promise your environment is no longer equal to that of a nuclear reactor. 

Don’t you miss the sweet and tart flavor of Honeycrisp apples fresh from the orchard?  The cheesy, gooey goodness of Taco Bell nachos bell grande?  What about the satisfying sweetness of double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies?  And how can you not miss the smooth deliciousness of grandpa’s hot chocolate recipe?

How can I make it through Halloween not tasting even a bit of Take 5 bars, Reese’s peanut butter cups, apple cider donuts and Snickers?!

Please, oh please come back to me!

Waiting in anticipation…


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  1. I think you could be a writer on the side...fantastic!


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