A friend of mine recently went on vacation to one of my most favorite places in the world. Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN. If you have been there, you know what a tourist trap this place can, especially during the summer months. Its home to DollyWood, Dixie Stampede, the Ripley’s attractions, country themed wedding chapels ‘ala Vegas, gem mining, and mini golf among other things. But it is also at the foot [or middle depending on which city] of the Smokey Mountains National Park which is so incredibly beautiful. I love all of it mixed together. Yes, even the funnel cakes. I even convinced KT & Brian to go there on their honeymoon and played travel agent! [not sure they recommend me as travel agent… long story!]

I love the mountain cabin rentals that include awesome views, fireplaces, hot tubs, pool tables… and i love hiking through the park to see rapids and waterfalls and old mountain settlements not to mention the random deer & bears! Its the first place I think of going whenever I need peace and rejuvenation. Hence why I'm longing to go there now [and the teensiest bit envious of my friend who just returned]. Sigh… It will have to wait until next year so until then I have to settle for old vacation pics!

Enjoy… you just may want to plan a trip for yourself ;o)White Tailed Deer

GSM Ntl Park Gatlinburgrapids


  1. I hear you on the vacay longing. ::Sigh:: Still craving to be sitting on the edge of some nice sandy beach with the surf pounding and a nice frothy classic margarita on the rocks.

  2. Sounds like fun to me! It is about 2 hours from here and the colors up here in the mountains are starting to pop. It is beautiful!


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