I’ve had many calls/emails/FB/posts/texts asking me how I’m feeling now that I “glow in the dark.”  In one word: SICK.  Looks like my first 24-48hrs of this will be all about trying NOT to throw up.  If I do, I have to call the hospital immediately.

At first I felt ok, but after a couple hours the nausea started to set in.  Now it won’t go away.  I’m supposed to be sucking on lemon drops every 15mins but those make me feel sicker so I'm popping one as often as I feel I can.  I’m supposed to swish with baking soda every 30mins but that is dis-gust-ing so I'm doing that as often as I feel I can.  I’m supposed to be drinking [and going] twice as much as normal, but I can hardly stand to eat so I'm drinking as much as I feel I can.  My salivary glands are very sore and swollen so I'm massaging and putting a heating pad on – that is one thing I can actually stand to do at any time [yay for small victories!].

Other cancer patients and their families are advised “If it sounds good to the patient when they are feeling nauseated, give it to them because that is probably the one thing that will stay down.”  NOT me!  I wanted pizza last night at 10pm that was a big fat NO. [Mom said so!]  I’m resigned to oatmeal and rice cakes and chocolate zucchini bread – the same things I've been eating since September 18th – until Saturday 1pm. 

I do have to toot my own horn a bit and say I'm very proud of myself for NOT cheating on the LID, not even a little.  Granted I started a little earlier than expected because of the scheduling mix up and I was not total LID the weekend of my cousin’s wedding [Sept 19-20] but since then…

DSCN0805 DSCN0806

Oatmeal w/ brown sugar and cinnamon

bow tie pasta w/ homemade pomodoro sauce [v.good]

DSCN0824 DSCN0605

Rice cakes w/ Peanut butter and bananas

Flowering Teapot

On a more positive note, flowers were delivered to my “isolation station” today!  No pics yet but ich war sehr suprised und glücklich!  They were from “Gpa 09” [yes he did sign the card that way!]. My grandpa is about the sweetest thing ever – Thank You!

gpa nice


  1. Oh Honey, I was hoping to read that you were feeling better. UB wondered if there was something you wanted (to eat) that we could drop by with tomorrow. I knew you were still on the diet until tomorrow night. I'll check with your Mom in the morning.

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well yet! Hang in there. Just remember, this too shall pass. Just think, you'll be able to look back one day and laugh at how sick you felt (maybe).

  3. Thanks for staying up on your updates! I hope you feel better soon. You're grandpa rocks :)


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