Someone Up There Loves Me

Today was completely amazing – no seriously, miracles happened!  I went in to my PCP at 10:30a which I think was more of a “stop bugging us!” appointment because of all the calls my mom and I have made about getting an endocrinology appointment.  My PCP wasn’t annoyed by us yet [yes I did ask him and he said we would have to put more effort into it] but I think we annoyed the nurses.  So anyway I'm there and we are talking about the specialist issue and options and then he says “Ok who do you want to see?”  So I think a minute and say “Let’s go with Dr. K.”  So he calls Dr. K’s office and they say they have an appointment TODAY at 4p do I want it? Do I want it?! YES! Then he calls up radiology and asks for a CD to made of my exams and they say they can have that ready by 3p in time for my appointment! Seriously, that never happens!  So I go back to work for a bit and then head to the hospital to pick up the CD and then to Dr. K’s for my appointment.

I met my aunt at Dr.K’s office. [note: never go to cancer appointments alone]  I was nervous because endos are a bit of a nutty bunch and I had no idea what I was getting into.  Everyone at the office was really nice so that was a good start and when Dr. K came in the room he seemed very open and easy to talk to.  He asked me a million questions about the course of my treatment up until now and expressed surprise at some of it.  It was apparent he thought that things had been handled a bit differently than the norm.  I did receive appropriate treatment with a full thyroidectomy and RAI, he was just surprised they waited so long to take the other half of my thyroid and that they weren’t going to do a post-RAI scan. [go me for fighting for my scan!]  Then we asked about follow-up and he gave us a very clear picture of appointments every 2-3 months with bloodwork to watch my tumor markers [ie: Thyroglobulin or Tg levels].  About the concern over the uptake in my lung, he said it would be very unlikely to be mets but that following the Tg closely would confirm this.  He said it was more likely that I had a bit of pleurisy from being so hypo and that is what caused the uptake.  So I have 2 future appointments scheduled with Dr. K’s team and feel very comfortable with the plan now.  I also feel like God was in the mix, making all the right pieces fall into place today.


  1. I am so happy for you Christina! Sounds like things are finally falling into place and you are getting the right care. I hope they have nothing but more good news for you soon :)

  2. Yeah-- I am sooo glad- I really liked this dr- he really seems to know his stuff. I was impressed! love you


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