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I like pink as much as the next chick. Well, maybe I like it slightly more than the next chick… I have been fundraising for breast cancer awareness/research/treatment for years and I've amassed quite the collection of pink or pink themed items. Heck, even my dad has a shirt that says “Real Men Wear Pink!” [thank you, On The Border!]

It seems these days that everyone is jumping on the multi-million dollar marketing bandwagon that is the pink ribbon. People see the ribbon and automatically think that buying that product will mean helping the cause. Au contraire mon ami! The Think Before You Pink website has 5 easy guidelines to follow if you are thinking about purchasing that “Pink” item.

Or better yet – donate directly to the organization, cutting out the middle man, and making every cent of your dollar count! Here are my faves:

*On a cancer related note, just got a call from my Dr about my post ablation WBS and there was uptake in my left lung. He said it is probably nothing but I'm being sent down for x-rays now. Happy Friday!

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