Onco? No.

Just as I suspected, the oncologist wouldn’t accept my case because they don’t treat thyca patients. Ok so now what?  The next step is a referral to an endocrinologist. 

Ok, the oncologist suggested Dr. N in the area… hmmm name sounds familiar… why…why…why?  Oh yeah he’s the one that told my aunt that 60% of his patients never feel better, didn’t listen to what she had to say, and acted like she was wasting his time.  NO THANK YOU!  Sorry but I don’t need to waste my time on a Dr like that.  Yes I know that each patient may have a different experience but still, if he’s telling his patients he can’t help them most of the time I don’t think I want to visit him!  So mom calls back to say we don’t want to see him and we would like a referral to Dr. C whom we have heard is wonderful but only works part time because she has small kiddos at home. [read: average 6mo waiting period to get in] 

If we can’t get in soon we may have to revisit seeing Dr. N… or going with the suggestion from some fellow thycans but that would mean driving to Detroit for appointments.  Let’s just see what happens shall we?

Now a few words about H1N1 [note: it is NOT swine flu as originally thought, stop calling it that]… H1N1 seems to be all the rage around here as they are reporting 2 deaths in the area and people are standing in line for hours to try to get vaccinated.  As a person considered to be at “high risk” because of the recent cancer treatment and immunocompromised state, I have to rethink things a bit.  Do I go to the mall, to a movie, to restaurants, to church…? Do I go but wear a mask everywhere I go?  The vaccine isn’t available, or if it is they have the mist which I can’t get because of having cancer.  I guess I have to chance it.

Some statistics and info from the CDC on H1N1:

  • 24% of people hospitalized for H1N1 are 24-49yrs
  • 32% of H1N1 related deaths are in people 24-49yrs
  • Signs & Symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea


  1. I would like to point out to everyone reading: the signs and symptoms of H1N1 ARE THE SAME AS THE COMMON COLD. Read: if you think you have a cold - stop being a "close-talker", cover your damn mouth, and start washing your hands. No one wants your germs.

    Meanwhile, that really sucks about the referral to the wonderful Doctor N. Not cool. No chance of seeing one of those docs at the U of M med center?? Keeping you in my thoughts!! I hope you feel more rested too! Miss you!

  2. Just like the common cold! People think its only N/V/D! I've heard more than 1 person coughing horribly all over the place. :(


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