Cutting Through the Fog

After weeks of being very deep in Hypo Hell and having the most ridiculous brain fog [see also: chemo brain]… for a few hours today I found myself with lots going through my mind!

That may not seem like an exciting [or good] thing to most people, but literally I feel like my mind has been a barren wasteland for weeks. Day in and out I thought of nothing, could concentrate on nothing, could comprehend nothing. I had all this wonderful time on my hands to plan fundraisers for the 2010 3-Day for a Cure or plan trips to visit Lacey in CO or Eva in Germany or work on my scrapbooks or simply email/call/text friends but I literally could. not. think!

Today for about 3 hours I was able to cut through the fog enough to make lunch, worry about my WBS results [coming Thurs or Fri], respond to emails in my personal account, contact HR & my bosses about going back to work next Monday, looked up my dentist appointment time, make a grocery list, almost make plans for a movie with Slaglm [forgot to look up times! oops!], asked my dad if they ever sent Chad & Allison’s wedding card [this was 4 weeks ago & my dad laughed at my memory coming back], sent out an email reminder to those interested in joining the 3Day team… and then I literally passed out for 2.5 hours until my mom called and proceeded to ask me if I was ok because I sounded out of it.

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