Just a lil bit Crazy

I think my Dr must think I'm neurotic.  Or maybe he just thinks my mom is neurotic?  I guess that would be ok.  Anyway, I think between the 2 of us we have called his office possibly 50 times in the last week. 

I still have no specialist who will see me.  My mom is now stuck on me being referred to a Dr. K. [note: we started with Dr. N moved on to Dr. C and now… Dr.K] She even called his office to make sure he takes thyca patients with possible lung mets. He has an opening on Nov 17 so all we need to do is get my papers over to his office and I'm in!  In the meantime I feel like I'm breathing through mud – yay fun – so I’m visiting my PCP tomorrow.

On the good news front: there was sunshine today for the first time in weeks and I actually got out of work in time to see it for about 20mins!  Also, I think I can finally say that I didn’t go into early menopause… It had been 3 months so I was starting to wonder!

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