Fall. Its usually my favorite season of the year but where the heck is it this year?! Winter was ridiculous with 2ft of snow followed by 10 inches of rain in the same week, spring was nonexistent, summer barely hit the 80’s and now fall… its currently a windy, cloudy, balmy 35F. Seriously?! The reason I like fall is because the temps are perfect [read: 60’s] and the trees are beautiful and we usually have more sun than clouds. They are teasing me with promises of 50’s maybe next week, maybe we will get some sun with that too? I’m not holding my breath because after all, I live in Michigan and snow is not unheard of in just about any month.


  1. I hear ya! I was just reading that the Philadelphia walk is this weekend and they have cancelled day one due to the cold weather. So sad!

  2. Fall here has been terribly unusual too! Crazy Mother Nature!


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