Small Change Of Plans

I am now getting a post-therapy whole body scan on Friday.

After thinking about it, researching things, and getting a second opinion from a top Dr in the country via email… I called my Dr and explained my position on wanting one. The therapy dose of iodine is much higher making the post scan much more sensitive to showing metastasis to lymph nodes, bones, etc.

My Dr said even if it did show metastasis, we have already treated it, it wouldn’t change the follow-up, and might make me worried about metastasis we have already treated. I told him I understood but I wanted to know exactly what I was facing so that if my 1yr scan came back clean, it would be even better news – or if something popped up on my 1yr scan that doesn’t show on this one, we will know it hasn’t been there long.

Well since the hard part is getting the isotope and I've already had that, he worked out a time for me to “go under the camera” and I'm feeling very good about advocating for my own healthcare.

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