Back At It

Not much to update yet but there were a few things to be noted about today…

One. My PCP wants me to see an Oncologist now so I'm waiting to hear back on my appointment date/time.

Two. Working a full 8hr day my first day back was probably a little too much. I came home and sat down to decide on dinner and woke up 2hrs later… oh and dinner ended up being mashed potatoes because I'm too tired to make anything else.

Three. Not being able to taste anything is NOT FUN.  I have learned that my favorite TB Nachos are dis.gust.ing when you can’t taste the nacho cheese. That caesar dressing without taste reminds me of mayonnaise which I despise. And donut holes taste like nothing while going down but have the aftertaste of play-doh.

Four. Flu shots at my work are mandatory if you value your job, yet I have to get physician permission before they will let me get my shot. Ummm… meanwhile everyone and their brother is sick and I have a bum lung.

Five. My new phone arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Six. I am getting increasingly annoyed at the moment that the stupid baseball game [angels vs yankees] is pre-empting House, MD which now will not record properly with my DVR because the times will be off.  Somebody score already!

Seven. I could go back to sleep right now even though I woke up only 1.5hrs ago.  Its going to be a looong week.


  1. It should be noted that as soon as this posted, the angels scored and ended the game. Now we are forced to suffer through post-game breakdowns rather than House, MD.

  2. Christina- I am still praying for you and your cancer fight. I'm waiting on my RAI (iodine still not low enough) and now I also have an additional stressor...I had a baseline breast MRI because I am at high risk for breast cancer after the radiation (the very same radiation that gave me thyca!) and they found a LUMP. A LUMP suspicious enough that I now have a mammogram and possible biopsy tomorrow :(.


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