Le Sigh…

After a full week back at work I should have spent the entire weekend doing nothing but sleeping but I allowed myself to get dragged into a shopping trip across state with church because my mom said it would be "good for me to get out.”  Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea in a few weeks when my strength is back and my TSH is back in the “normal” range!  I went but knew it was probably not a good idea just about as soon as I woke up on Saturday morning.  Well… maybe I figured it out Friday night when I was trying to check email and fell asleep while literally sitting at the computer.  Anyway, I tried to make the best of the trip without being too much of a downer for everyone else but by the time we got home that night I could hardly climb the 2 flights of stairs to my apartment because I was feeling so weak.  The next morning I got up and started getting ready for church/Noah & Ethan’s dedication and Grandma’s birthday lunch and I could hardly move.  Needless to say I didn’t make it out of the house but spent the entire day with multiple layers of clothes and blankets on trying to get warm. 

No I don’t have H1N1 – I don’t have a fever or cough – I just have cancer that my body is still trying to kill off.  My RAI treatment works for the next 6mos or so killing off the cancer cells and I'm also slightly immunosuppressed from the treatment killing off some WBC’s… also my thyroid stimulating hormones [TSH] are out of whack… I'm going to be a little not like myself for a while yet.  Yes, i’m in the high risk group for H1N1 and the regular flu.  No, I haven’t yet been able to get immunized against either strain.  I’m working on it, there just aren’t vaccines available!

Today and tomorrow I have easy work days because I'm sitting through orientation for the 3rd time in 5yrs with the same company. [note: transfers within the system are not always seamless/easy]  But this also means that Wed-Fri will be crazy busy playing catch up plus month end account wrap up.  UGH.

Still no word on getting an appointment with Dr.C.  I’m sure the fabuloso referral lady at my PCP’s office was working on it all day and I might hear something [anything?] tomorrow… let’s hope right?!

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