Just One More Day

Just One.  Then I can sleep in… oh wait, no I can’t… I’m signed up for a group trip to Birch Run/Frankenmuth.  Why did my mom think that would be a good idea again?

So this week has been ridiculous.  Its only expected that after weeks off, your first week back to work is going to be crazy, right?  In addition to the normal catch up stuff though, I'm trying to navigate through the paperwork/blood test/TB test/flu shot/drug test maze that comes with transitioning to a different entity within our health system as well as getting used to my new director and her expectations.  There are still questions surrounding if I can even get the mandatory flu shot – screw it - just give it to me because I'll get the flu one way or another at this point!  Oh and after I got my TB test today I notice that people with head and neck cancer are in a moderate risk category when they get certain reactions. Fabulous. 

I have told myself, my employees, my bosses, my doctors… that I would work from home and/or work shorter days if I was feeling exhausted.  Yeah that hasn’t happened… oh I'm exhausted all right but it seems that anytime I hit the point where I think I really have to leave now because my brain is shutting down and I'm not sure I can make the 45min drive home some crisis or another happens and I need to give a bazillion answers to people ASAP.  By the way, everything in a hospital needs to be answered or done ASAP these days.  Tonight I'm feeling so tired I'm not sure I will be getting up to make anything for dinner.  I don’t need to eat right?  And I can’t taste anything still so…

No word on the 2nd opinion yet even though I called to check on it yesterday.  I have a feeling the oncologist won’t accept my case because they generally don’t treat thyroid cancer patients so they might not know what to do with me.  That’s ok because I have gotten some wonderful suggestions for specialists from fellow Thyca friends. Just want the word on if the Onco’s are taking my case or not and then we can keep moving on…

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