I have a superserious addiction right now to… raspberries!  YUP! They aren’t in season or anything but they were on “sale” for the lovely price of 2 teensy weensie packages for $5.00 and I bought them.  Then 2 days later [today], I promptly bought 2 more.  Now I'm halfway through those and am seriously considering a support group for raspberry addicts.  I cannot afford to spend $5 every day or two on just raspberries!!  Maybe I just need to move where raspberries grow year round and they sell for like $1/package. [are they cheaper anywhere?]  I guess I can replace my coffee addiction with them to justify the expense and tell myself I'm making a “healthy choice” but I know that alas, they will be very hard to find soon enough in this snowy state of mine.

If you know of somewhere where I can buy raspberries - or strawberries for that matter – year round for under $5 for 2 cups, please let me know.  I shall put it on the list of places to move to!


  1. How do you feel about frozen raspberries?

  2. Umm i'm not totally opposed, however, i've been popping fresh ones like candy and frozen just don't seem like they would be as tasty that way! Plus my teeth are a bit hypersensitive since RAI so super cold/hot anything is kinda ouchie!

  3. I thaw them and mix them with vanilla yogurt. Not really the same as fresh but it might get you through the winter!


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