Cancer Vacuum

Since finding my original lump [aka: Bob] in May I have been in some sort of cancer vacuum.  My life was sucked into the black void that is a cancer diagnosis and is only just now coming back into the light. 

I literally can remember nothing about the last 6 months except things that relate to surgeries, RAI, LID, being hypo, getting labs done, going to the Dr, getting referrals… everything else is simply gone.  I sort of feel like I was asleep with the world moving on around me.  People got married, got pregnant, had babies, got engaged, got new jobs, bought houses… and absolutely nothing in my life happened except this crazy weird cancer trip dream. 

It sort of feels surreal.  Did cancer really happen to me?  I have the scar, a new script, Dr. appointments, lab tests, and non-working taste buds to remind me that… Yes, it did indeed happen.

On a life changing note: Congratulations to my cousins Lacey & Chad on the birth of their first baby – Wylie Joseph!


  1. Is everything ok with the baby??

  2. Anonymous??????? whatever!! It's AP- love you.

  3. :) Sorry that I've waited so long to comment - I've been busy with the newborn. But thanks for the congrats!


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