Its Thursday and I'm sitting here wondering if I will make it through tomorrow because I'm just exhausted.  My brain is done, my body is done, I'm just done. 

It makes me wonder if I will ever get my energy level back?  Maybe I'm just not on the right dosage of my meds yet?  Sucky thing is although I have an appointment and labs soon to check this, any change in meds will take 6-8 weeks to make a difference. 

So I guess I will just continue to drink my green tea and hope that gives me enough of a boost to get through the day.  It’s about now that I wish for a cook, maid, and chauffer so I can preserve the little bit of energy I do have for more important things.


  1. Hi Christine! I've been pretty tired too, but still not as bad as with lymphoma. With my lymphoma and chemo it took a whole YEAR after treatment was done to finally feel "normal" again. Granted I still haven't had my RAI, but I have had my TT and what I've found helpful so far is working out. I know, it's the last thing you want to do when you're tired but getting up a little earlier before work and going to the gym has really woken me up and given me a little boost through the rest of the day. I hope you start feeling better!

  2. I've been hoping to get back into some sort of workout routine soon - definitely have to do mine at night because I already get up at 5am daily for work and i'm not a morning person! :) But I know what you mean about giving you more energy - I was having mild hypo symptoms for the last few years and when I was working out regularly it didn't bother me as much!


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