Driving Thoughts

I have a 30-45 min commute to and from work daily, most of which takes place on very rural roads with no cell service.  During these drives my mind tends to wander.

Here is an excerpt of today’s drive home…

Ahhhh… its almost Friday! I don’t really want to go to work tomorrow and I could use a day to sleep in/clean, maybe I should call in sick? Do i need gas? Not yet, I can get it tomorrow… hope it doesn’t go up. 

Oh wait! It’s JEAN DAY – no way I'm missing that!  Do I have $3 for the jean fee? Seriously are you going to go that slow?! 

You know, I would make a good wife to a doctor or lawyer or something...  I could stay home instead of working and just involve myself in a lot of charity work instead.  Ooops, there’s my turn! Whoa lots of road kill, watch for deer! 

So excited that Gwen is available for the Crop!  Now we just need a hotel… we need to make a list of games/prizes/gift bag goodies… there is really a lot to do in the next couple months!  On the to do list: make a to do list!  Ewwww…more road kill… deer? 

Oh crap! I missed the news part about which roads are closed or are closing for the weekend!  Oh well… I'll catch it tomorrow.  Turn! Hmmm I think one of my tires is soft. 

What should I have for dinner?  I’m not really that hungry, maybe I won’t eat dinner… Why are my hands so cold?! My car says it’s 48F and I have gloves on, they should not be ice blocks! Maybe I'm hypothyroid?  Oh yeah I have to remember to get my labs done next week! Wait, I haven’t gotten my new insurance cards… maybe they are in the mail today…if they aren’t I'm going to have to call benefits to get my new contract number and stuff…  or do i call the insurance company for that?  Maybe my cards will come before I get them done?  When is my doctor’s appointment? Oh yeah its Thursday before the Thyca meeting… getting an ultrasound of my neck again… my neck has been hurting the past few days, I hope nothing is growing in there.  Why the heck is it so hot in here?! Oh my bum warmers are on!

Oh the red house on the lake says reduced price! I wonder if its under $500K yet?  I should check out grar when I get home.  Oops, better slow down in the construction zone… cops like to sit just around the corner!

Oh that’s the contest song… I think they draw the hot tub winner on Dec 17th?  I wonder if Aunt Dorie will win the hot tub?  What the heck are you doing?! DRIVE! 

Is it too early for pajamas?  I wonder if that place would donate something for our raffle prizes? Maybe I can get a weekend donated at that hotel?  I should really take a day off…  a hotel sounds really nice about now… STAY IN YOUR LANE! 

I should at least figure out if I want to take any days off around the holidays.  Have to get the request in now! Wow, I never hit this turn when it’s clear! 

I should really put my Netflix in the mail and get some new movies.  Maybe I should cancel my Netflix?   I’m definitely parking under the carport again… those cars were frosty this morning!

And there you have a peek into the mind of a commuter.

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