Down With Christmas!!

No Christmas Tree

Nothing gets me more riled up than seeing Christmas decorations and displays at my local stores starting in October! [note: yes I am aware that it is now November – I'm a bit tardy posting my outrage]  Christmas is celebrated in December last time I checked and between October 1st and December 25th there are at least 2 nationally recognized holidays to honor! 

Yes there are plenty of Halloween displays [read: costumes and candy] but after October 31st all you see are Christmas decorations everywhere.  My sister said her store is playing nothing but Christmas music as of this past Monday – seriously?! 

What happened to Thanksgiving?! Thanksgiving happens to be my absolute favorite holiday and I am very saddened that every year it seems to get ignored even more.  Therefore, I am boycotting Christmas and all that is related to it until the proper moment - November 27th. 

I like Christmas and all that it represents religiously, don’t get me wrong.  I am just sick of the commercialism of it all.  I would be happy getting no gifts and just having a day to hang with my family, eating yummy foods… which is apparently why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  There is no fuss, no focus on who spent the most on whom, no presents you will never use but don’t have the heart to return, no crazy decorative displays that take over the entire house and every chair in it.  It is simply gathering with loved ones, sharing a meal, and remembering what we have to be thankful for.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Christmas was focused more on gathering with loved ones and focusing on birth of Christ than frantically running around trying to find the perfect gift? 

I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and I intend on giving it my full attention.  Christmas you will just have to wait!

And in the interest of full disclosure [and before I get ratted out by one of my coworkers] I must confess I am currently wearing Christmas socks.  But in my defense, they were the only ones clean!


  1. My daughter and I were at the store a couple of weeks ago and she saw Christmas decorations on sale.

    "Mommy, somebody made a mistake't done trick or treat yet."

    Out of the mouths of babes (she'll be 5 at the end of the month).

    "yes honey, someone made a mistake"


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