Monday Mumbles

Random thoughts for the day…

One. This weather stinks – its rainy and in the 40’s.  I like rain but the cold – no thank you!  And yes I know I could be in MI where it is even MIcolder… but I’m not and I want the 70F’s back!
Two. Speaking of Michigan… I will be there in just 17 short days!  I’m officially putting in my order for good weather now.
Three. Before I head back to MI for a few days, I get to spend a couple days in Orlando for a conference.  Anyone want to join me?
Four. Speaking of the cold.  I have one.  Or its allergies.  Either way I just want to stay curled up in bed.
Five. But its highly possible that I’m just not treating my body right andyokr it’s mad at me.  my entire food pallet today was BROWN. Not one color to be seen. I am totally not joking and its disgusting when you think about it. That is so not right and I need to change that now… or maybe tomorrow. A frozen york peppermint patty is calling me and that too is brown!
Six. So yeah, change in diet and change in exercise is on the agenda.  I may just get up the courage to start Jillian’s 30 Day Shred!
Seven.  Its only 9pm and I’m exhausted. Time for bed!

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