Color Your World

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius

I was wandering through Wally-World to pick up cat litter about a week ago and found myself in the health and beauty aids (read: cosmetics) because there is always something you need. 

I had happily filled up my “buggy” (Appalachianism) with all natural, organic shampoo & conditioner, a clay face mask, and tea tree oil based foot massage lotion when I wandered past the Nicole by OPI nail polish. 

I’m a sucker for nail polish. And I got rid of a bunch of it when I moved. Bingo!  I have PLENTY of need for more nail polish!  I grabbed a few colors and decided I could allow myself one new one, but just one.  It was narrowed down to two… the deciding factor?  What were their names? (fyi for the males, all the good nail polishes have names)

I can’t recall the one I didn’t buy… but the one I did?

Name: Change The World.  Color: Pink



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