Alphabet Soup

'I’ve seen this around the blogs and thought I would join in… so here you have it, my alphabet

{A}ge: 30.2
{B}ed Size: Queen.. because I am one!
{C}hore you hate:  Laundry – the folding & putting away parts
{D}ogs:  I’m allergic
{E}ssential start of your day: Coffee!!
{F}avorite Color:  PINK – duh!
{G}old or silver:  silver and gold.. you need a little of both!
{H}eight: 5’6” 
{I}nstruments I play (or have played): piano, french horn
{J}ob Title: Coding Manager
{K}ids: Other people’s
{L}ive: Northeast Tennessee
{M}om's Name: Deb
{N}ickname:  CK, Suzybell
{O}vernight hospital stays: when I had half of my thyroid yanked out, and then again when I had the other half yanked out. I don’t recommend it… unless you have cancer too… then get that sucker out as fast as you can!
{P}et Peeve: slow drivers
{Q}uote from a movie:  “Love is a gift… not an obligation” – Fools Rush In
{R}ight or left handed: Righty
{S}iblings: sister KT {Happy Birthday Shout-out to you!} & B the Brother in Law
{T}ime you wake up:  Whenever I pull my a$$ out of bed.. alarm starts at 5:09am
{U}nderwear: uhm… yes? Preferably Vicki’s
{V}egetables you dislike: peppers all kinds but if they are cut up real small and not raw-ish I can eat them, mushrooms {texture thing}, radishes
{W}hat makes you run late: my Gilbert… he likes to lay down by me just as I’m supposed to get up so I think what’s the harm in another 5 minutes?
{X}-rays you've had done: Ankle, teeth {yearly ya know}, neck/chest, neck/chest again, lung field…
{Y}ummy food you make: homemade turkey noodle soup 
{Z}oo animal:  Penguin, Panda, Elephant or Koala.. depending on the zoo!

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