Back Stairs

On my recent trip back to MI, I spent many days celebrating my birthday with family and friends.  Friday was no exception.

I went to lunch with my mom and sister then met up with my friends Slaglm and LC for margaritas, movies and Mexican food. {we like theme nights}  LC had rented a hotel room so she wouldn’t have to make the 3hr drive back to the East side of the state that night so we had a place to crash.  After much debate we decided there were no movies out at the time that were worth our hard earned cash so we went to Meijer {another M!} and picked up some refreshing beverages and headed to the hotel to rent a movie there.

When we got to the hotel we found the elevator to be semi-functioning.  By that I mean we pushed the button, heard it working, the lights flickered and we heard no more noises and decided we weren’t going to risk getting stuck in there!  So we headed to the stairwell to trek up 5 flights with our drinks in tow. 

On about floor 3 we encountered some guys heading down the stairs.  Of course they noticed the beverages and immediately thought we were sneaking it up.{uhm like I need to sneak around at 30.2!}  So they start joking with us and then they said..Bachelor-Party-Confidential_3FCDB03D

“Where are you headed… A Bachelor party?”

‘Scuse me? Let’s ponder that one a second… alcohol + women = BACHELOR party? = what the heck did he think we looked like?!


I guess the 5th floor is known to house Val Kilmer and 50 Cent when they are in town filming but they most certainly were not in our hotel room!  And I assure you, our jeans and sweater outfits were more Banana Republic than Frederick’s of Hollywood.

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