I must be nuts!

Call me a bit nutty for doing it - but I just signed up to walk in my 3rd Susan G. Komen 3.Day for a Cure in 2010!!

For those of you not familiar with the 3.Day, participants fundraise a minimum of $2,300 and train for months to walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days!

After my recent diagnosis with thyroid cancer I feel it is more important than ever to keep on fundraising so no one has to battle cancer ever again!

Why choose this event? Because of the amazing journey and the even more amazing amounts of money rasied for cancer research! Yes, it goes to breast cancer research (which is very dear to my heart) but out of breast cancer research has come many life saving treatements for other cancers too!

This will be my 3rd time walking in the 3.Day and my first time walking after my own cancer diagnosis. I'm still undergoing surgery and treatments and i'm not sure where the energy for 60 miles will come from... but I know it will come... and I know I have to do something! There are so many people that choose not to do anything or who don't ever get the chance... I do have the chance and I will push myself to take it!

The journey of the 3.Day is completely amazing and indescribable! I can't wait to walk again in 2010!

And in case you want to donate... CLICK HERE! ;o)


  1. I don't know about nuts....brave yes....good for you!! You can do it...Praying for ya!


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