The biggest question I have gotten the past few days is "Are you anxious about surgery?"

Very simply put - no, I am not.

I feel I will be in very capable hands and I have a few hundred or so people praying... so what is there to be anxious or nervous about? I can say that i'm dreading the stupid IV in my hand because that isn't very pleasant but i'm not worried about the pain of my surgery site. I'm also not looking forward to being hooked up everywhere so it takes 20 minutes to get unhooked just to go to the bathroom but I became a pro at that the last time around and can cut 10 minutes from that time! ;o) The next week or two will not be very fun that's for sure but I know I will be surrounded by friends and family so the time will pass quickly.

So what did I do tonight to get prepared? I kept busy by finishing up cleaning my house. Everything is put away, dusted, vacuumed... when my house is clean and things are tidy, I feel calmer so it was important to have this done before surgery. I have the dishes scheduled to wash overnight, I took out the trash, I packed a bag to bring to the hospital and laid out my clothes (ok that may sound dumb but i'm getting up at 4:30am). I firmed up plans with my mom about the pickup time tomorrow morning and learned a private room has my name on it (thanks AP!).

So right now i'm finishing up some email, writing in my blog, eating a frozen strawberry fruit bar, and drinking some water. I have 2 more hours to eat/drink all I like before not eating solids again until Wed so I may have to find another snack! After I log off, i'm planning on reading a little of My Sister's Keeper and then trying to fall asleep early.

Tomorrow morning my alarm will ring at 4:30a and i'm sure I will hit snooze a few times before getting into the shower. Then getting the last minute things in my bag, feeding the cats, making my bed, pulling some reports for work and then heading to the hospital at 6:20am. I have to be there by 6:55am and surgery is at 8:55am (weird times i know!). Then its off to lala land while they take out the rest of my thyroid and then a lovely stay overnight at the hospital. I will be back home Wed sometime and will hopefully post an update then... don't plan on an update the day of surgery because i'm not confident in my writing ability while on morphine!

That's about it... chat at ya in a couple days!


  1. Sending prayers your way... you are probably pretty close to surgery time at this point (8:40) but I sure do pray everything goes smoothly!

    Take care!

  2. Praying, praying, praying...you're in surgery now...

  3. Hope surgery was a success and that you are feeling pretty well tonight :) -kate (katestowell.com)


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