I am grateful that my place finally sold and that the buyers wanted to me to be out quickly, causing me to move when I did.
I am grateful that I had to move into an apartment where the grass gets mowed, repairs are done for free, and I won't have to shovel in a few short months.
I am grateful for the aching muscles that came from hauling things out, up, and in.
I am grateful that when trying to rub out a kink in those aching muscles, I noticed a lump at the base of my neck.
I am grateful for a doctor who came in on his day off to see me after the urgent care said I needed follow-up within a couple days.
I am grateful for the referral to an experienced surgeon who said the lump needed to come out because it was pressing on my carotid, esophagus, and trachea - even though he thought everything looked benign.
I am grateful for his skilled hands that did the biopsy painlessly and removed the lump very carefully from my neck and recurrent laryngeal nerve because he knew my voice was important to me.
I am grateful for the experienced eyes of the pathologist who recognized that something just wasn't right about the cells under the scope.
I am grateful for the experts who were able to confirm what the pathologist discovered.
I am grateful for doctors who listen to my fears and recognize the fact that I can indeed be an active participant in my healthcare plan.
I am grateful for the various support systems, websites, books out there available to young adults dealing with cancer.
I am grateful for my parents and my friends who have listened to (& read!) my thoughts, fears, and triumphs because they are making this easier to deal with.


  1. I am grateful for you, Christina. I'm so glad we met back in 1312. You're an inspiration to me. You probably don't feel like it, but you put out a picture of handling this with such faith and grace. I hope you've had a good day today and will have a good day tomorrow. :) You're in my prayers. *HUG*


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