If Anyone Is Out There...

Tomorrow I have to go for a second mammogram... wait, what?! Yup you read that right - second mammogram. I got my first one ever last week to serve as a baseline because of my increased risk factors and on Thursday I got a call back saying I needed to come back for some more views of the right side.

So if anyone is out there tonight and tomorrow morning...please pray that they find nothing and that's its only because the first films were of bad quality. Not sure how I would deal right now if I found out things were going the other way...


  1. Many prayers have come and are coming your way... I pray all is well!

  2. I'm praying for you! This is Katie from Planet Cancer (I was also recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer). When I was diagnosed they did a CT scan and noticed a mass on my adrenals and I had a terrifying week of thinking I might also have adrenal cancer at the same time as the thyroid cancer. It turned out to be nothing so I am hoping it is the same for you.

  3. Hi Katie! How are things going for you? (i'm hardly ever on the Planet but it seems that we have a lot of Thyroid cancer newbies on there!)

  4. Doing well actually...I feel pretty good after the surgery but I am going crazy waiting to get the RAI done...I just want to get on with the rest of my life!- Katie


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