Shopping Therapy

So I decided a few days ago that if I was going to spend 1.5-2months in bed it had better be a nice one! I'm still sleeping on my bed from college with a cheap frame and a cheap mattress that are perfectly ok, just not an "adult" bed that is so comfortable you never want to leave. I guess I was waiting to purchase that with my someone who has decided not to show up yet and i'm tired of waiting on him!

So today I went out looking for a new bed and found a beautiful queen sized cherry sleigh bed - with a short, straight footboard and a slightly curved headboard. Its very unfussy, very classic with a modern twist, very beautiful dark cherry color, and very me. I found it tucked behind a huge ugly dresser in the clearance area marked down $500! Of course then I had to find a new mattress set [i currently have a full] and found those to be on a great sale too! In total I paid the same for the mattress set and the bed as you would normally pay for just the mattress set! :) I can't wait until they are delivered on Tuesday!

Next project - finding the perfect chair for the balcony so I can sit outside and feel like i'm somewhere else instead of being trapped in my house all the time.

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